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Day 3…am I doing this right?

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Hi all,

I was hoping to have someone take a look at my food log from the last two days and give me some feedback.  I know that all of my food has been compliant but I'm not sure if its enough food or if I'm really eating in the right combinations.  I feel pretty tired, have a headache, etc.  I didn't eat gluten or grains before starting the Whole30, but I did eat cheese and sweets so I guess thats the reason for this crappy feeling?  Anyway, feedback would be much appreciated!


B: RX bar

S: handful of trailmix 

L: 3 eggs scrabbled with loads of veggies (spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, chunks of sweet potato), 1/3 avocado, handful of plantain chips 

D: 4 ounces chicken breast, 1 c broccoli roasted with olive oil, small baked sweet potato with butter, kombucha tea 


B: handful of almonds, 1/2 larabar, 2 hardboiled eggs

preworkout snack: hard boiled egg, a few more almonds

L: cashew coconut crusted chicken breast, 1-2 cups of baby carrots and bell peppers

Iced coffee

D: zucchini noodles with 1T butter, meat sauce

S: sweet potato with butter before bed 


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Hi smflower & welcome to Whole30


A couple of things:


RX Bars, larabars & any kind of dried fruit & nut bars, whether store bought or home made are strictly for emergency use only - like you're hiking in the woods and have lost your way, the sun has set and it looks like you're having to put together a makeshift shelter type of emergency, not breakfast - please eat real food.

Are the plantain chips store bought? Or home-made? Any commercially made chips would be off limits, as would anything deep fried.

Ok, your breakfasts are neither big enough nor optimal - stick to the recommended meal template of 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies (3 being optimal) and 1-2 thumb sized pieces of fat, or a dollop of mayo, handful of olives etc.  If you improve on your breakfast you'll not have need of a mid morning/evening snack. The bars will spike your blood sugar & cause a crash later on in the day with faux hunger, lack of focus, fatigue, possibly headaches  even - they're just not good.

Your other meals don't look too bad (although I'm guessing they may be a little small), so I imagine if your breakfast is built around the template & you up your intake a little in general that you'll feel much better in a day or two when you've caught up nutritionally.

Go easy on the nuts as these can be hard on the digestive system, and be sure you are drinking at least a half ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

Embrace the fat & eat a half an avocado - a 1/3 is so fiddly!

Hope this helps.

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yes.  butter is clarified. plantain chips are homemade.  thanks for all the great suggestions.  i had a feeling my RX bar breakfast wasn't doing me any favors.  just hate savory things in the morning.  oh well, i'll adjust! 


one final question, as far as snacks go…I know they're discouraged…but if I'm going to have a snack are almonds, nuts, etc acceptable?  I'm a chef so I spend a lot of time on my feet and don't get much time to eat…when I get hungry I need something quick and preferably something that doesn't need to be refrigerated, so I was hoping an RX bar or trail mix would be acceptable while at work…?


Thanks again for the feedback! 

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You are much better off trying to eat enough at each meal that you don't need to snack.

Until you get that nailed down, if you are hungry, eat a mini meal based on the meal template. Protein, fat, veggies are best.


If you are a chef can't you keep a small container with hard boiled eggs, prosciutto, leftover burger, baby carrots, olives etc tucked in the cooler?


Nuts are acceptable, but not optimal. Better choice would be an Epic bar or Primal Pacs or Wild Zora jerky or similar. But we really want you to eat real food unless you are trapped somewhere without access to any compliant food.

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