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Charity's Whole30 Round 1


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Yesterday I made the choice to change my life. I looked at my kids and my family and I made the choice to love myself as much as I love them. Its scary because no one else is doing this with me. They're still munching on poptarts and string cheese and I'm researching ways to trick them into wanting to eat like me. My husband, he's willing to give it a shot but he said not till I do the first round and see how I feel. Granted he's the pickiest eater I've ever met so this might be more of a challenge for him than it is me. 


And as much as I want to say its only for them, that I'm doing this for wholly unselfish reasons, I'm not. I hate the way I look. I hate the tire around my stomach, the rubbing of my thighs, the jiggle as I walk...it makes me so uncomfortable in my own skin that I need to do something. What could be better than eating REAL WHOLESOME food. No calorie counting, no weighing myself or taking measurements...just living and eating the way I should.


Not to say this is easy. Already I'm suffering headaches so bad I can hardly see, and I'm so tired, but I feel GOOD about it. It means this is working. It means I'm really making a change.

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Today is day four and KILL ALL THE THINGS is right. I hate everything right now. My nerves are pretty much at the surface and seriously the thought of eating one more mother breaking egg is enough to drive me batty. So yeah apparently that means I'm really getting into the swing of things. I'm trying hard to vary up my foods but I already see a pattern and I'm hoping to break it. IE TOO MANY EGGS! I know fat is good, avocados and coconut oil and almond butter are my go tos but I wonder if I'm having too much. Its not like I'm sitting down and crushing a jar of almond butter at every meal...but I have almost killed the half jar of coconut oil I had to start out with. I use it to oil the pans with, for eggs, veggies, meat, instead of butter or veggie oil. Plus today I ate an entire avocado and its not even dinner time yet. Yes yes yes I know here that good fat is GOOD but can you have too much.


Anyways thanks guys for saying hello! I'm really hoping I don't end up having to do this alone because there is only so many spinach salads one can take.


Tonight, I'm making some spicy chicken salad on collard greens because golly garsh that sounds pretty awesome right now.

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Last night (Night 5) was the first night I had to work a nearly full shift. I tried to eat before I went to work but it ended up being several hours before. I had hoped I could rely on some of the food being whole30 compliant or at least work able into it but all the proteins but fish and burgers were cured in sugar! I had no clue till I asked! I had decided one a piece of fish as a snack to hold me over (swaii fish) but by time I went to order it we hit a rush and I couldn't eat anything. I came home starving and had a plate of three scrambled eggs and cinnamon with spinach and blueberries and it was perfect. I was so proud of myself for holding over till I could make it 


Log so far:

Day 2: 

Breakfast, 3 egg omelette with spinach, turkey, tomatoes cooked with coconut oil and a banana

Lunch: 4 cups raw spinach salad (spinach, carrots, tomatoes) topped with large grilled chicken breast salted and spiced cooked in coconut oil, and avocado lemon egg dressing



Day 3:

B: 3 eggs mixed with cinnamon, salt, almond flour, nutmeg and blueberries, drizzled with almond butter with a small salad of spinach,carrots, avocado dressing

L/D: double turkey burger (both patties were palm sized) with tomato and avocado mayo wrapped in a large collard green, handful of raspberries, sweet potato with coconut oil and sea salt with a bit of almond butter mixed with nutmeg and cinnamon 



B: sweet potato, zucchini, blueberry hash (roughly 2.5 cups) topped with two eggs, 1/2 avocado and turkey and a small amount of watermelon

L: Avocado and zucchini frittata (made with 3 eggs) with berries and almond butter

D: Spicy chicken (large breast spiced and cooked in coconut oil) avocado based dressing, 1 cup spinach, 1 whole tomato, 1/3 orange bell pepper, wrapped in large collard green with a bit of watermelon



B: sweet potato, apple, carrot, turkey breakfast hash

L: sweeto potato, apple, spinach hash with spicy chicken breast (two large portions) bit of watermelon

D: Cinnamon Pepper eggs with sauteed spinach and blueberries with a bit of watermelon


Day 6:

B: Dump eggs with cinnamon, anchilo peppers, spinach, sea salt, blueberries.

L: Pork balls (Pork, pineapple, spices, coconut milk, whole30 approved bacon) and carrots and celery with almond butter dip and sea salt. Small can of coconut water with pulp. 


in general I drink 72 or more oz of water a day and I weigh almost 140.



Tonight we're heading to an MLB game and I'm going to eat now (5pm) lunch and pack a mini meal to bring with.

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Side note: I am dealing with a lot of guilt that my family won't join me on this. My husband is proud of me and supports me but won't eat any better and My 5 and 4 year old TRY but always end up making the "Yucky" face and running off to dad and his nuggets and fries...

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