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Day 1-how much fruit am I allowed to have-I am confused


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You are allowed to eat as much fruit as you like.


However, we recommend for best results that you limit your fruit intake to 1-2 fist sized servings eaten as part of or immediately following a meal.


I'd be wary if you are treating fruit as a dessert or eating it as a snack as this can feed the sugar dragon and cause blood sugar spikes.

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1. Many of us have found it best to limit fruit to Meal 2 or Meal 3. Eaten in the morning, fruit makes me hungrier all day, or so it seems.


2. Remember, don't let fruit push veggies off your plate. Get your 1-3 cups of veggies with every single meal.


3. One of the best ways to enjoy fruit is in a salad, tossed into cauliflower 'rice' or similarly used kind of like a condiment, rather than eating a whole piece out of hand.


Enjoy it!

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