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Getting started and convincing my husband,,,


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So I'm getting very excited about starting my first whole 30, as mentioned in a previous post I am staying at my in laws this week so it is not necessarily going to work to start this week so I'm going to start next week when we return home. It will be the last week of my school summer holidays and hopefully I'll be in full swing by the time I return to school. Also gives me lots of planning and prep time before I start so I'm making notes of my favourite recipes and pulling together a shopping list for some of the things we will need.

I really want to do the whole 30 as I've been having lots of issues with bloating and have been asked if I was pregnant due to my 'food baby' belly! I also have an underachiever thyroid so hoping that this will help me feel a little more energetic.

I have asked my husband to support me whilst doing Whole 30, well actually I asked whether he would join me and he wrinkled his nose and didn't seem too convinced. He has said he will support me though and try out some new recipes with me...but perhaps with some non compliant additions on his part (he would struggle to give up his tea with milk, and a couple of beers...plus he despises cauliflower rice!!)

Now as Melissa and Dallas have said preparation is key so I've actually been practising a few of the basics this week...just made my first batch of homemade whole 30 Mayo, and my first batch of perfect sausages ready for breakfast tomorrow morning! Got hubby (and mother in law) to taste test and his face lit up...he approves. Perhaps it might be easier to get him on board after all. And my MIL asked if there would be enough for everyone for breakfast #smallgains

So this week I'm warming up by trying to restrict all non compliant foods so that it will make it all the easier to get started and stay on track with my whole 30 when I start officially next week.

I'm so excited about lots of the recipes so really hope this is going to work out for me and I can finally say goodbye to the bloated tummy! And who knows maybe it will go so well hubby will want to try it out for himself!

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Well once you have had home made mayo - you'll never go back to store bought.....


Congratulations for being here and best of luck in the next 30 days!


Just a suggestion - Don't try to lay down the law and convince him that he has to do this with you.  This is your decision after all.  My other half totally supports me through this - he totally sees the difference.  But he doesn't follow it himself - he comes very close - he will often eat a compliant lunch and dinner.  All he needs to do is wrap his head around breakfast.


So my best advice is this:  You do your thing, and let your husband do his thing.  The most you can ask that he doesn't eat any trigger foods around you for the first 2 weeks or so.  If he wants to join you at some point - excellent.  If he doesn't - that's fine too.  The best thing to do is lead by quiet example.

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