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Camille's Whole 31-60 Log

Camille P.

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Day 31

Weighed in this morning and gained a pound after completing the whole 30. That stupid number crushed me for the day. I'm trying to find my mojo to keep on tonight. Yesterday I had listed all the positives I had experienced and it all seemed overshadowed when I weighed in this morning. Soooo again the positives of the last 30 days:

Cut my caffeine in half.

Sleep awesome at night compared to insomnia before I started.

My tops fit better (stomach is flatter)

Jeans are getting looser (bloating still ebbs and flows though)

I'm not as consumed with food.

I don't snack after dinner anymore on most nights.

I (usually-except when I weighed!) feel much better in the morning

Eating much more vegetables

I've cut out my sweets habit and plantain chips habit

I haven't had one of my old bingeing episodes for at least 30 days

I am breaking sugar cravings

My face looks better in pictures--not bloated/puffy

Ok so reading tonight and trying to refocus my goals and plan this time. In the meantime, my food for today:

M1: coffee w coconut milk. 3 scrambled eggs. Veggie smoothie w/ celery, cuke, yellow pepper, 1 1/2 mini mandarin oranges

WO: Crossfit: 12 mins of hang cleans. 3 EMOM-worked up to 95 lbs (felt so good to add some weight to the bar after taking it so easy for so long). 3 rounds: 15 scaled push-ups to box, 25 strict pull-ups on thick black band, bike .25 mile. Shoulder exercises/t-spine rolling, smashing shoulder

M2: kombucha. Leftover Paleo chicken nuggets from last night in a green salad with alfalfa/broccoli sprouts, tomato, cuke, carrot with paleo vinaigrette

Snack: 1 compliant chicken apple sausage w mustard, 1 avocado

M3: ribeye steak, 1/2 large sweet potato & spinach w clarified butter. Couple slices of watermelon

I trying to pay attention to portion sizes more this time and plan not to snack on nuts and whe. I do eat them, to follow template closely.ni think I will go back through the daily emails and read them each day and dig more into resources given. I'm really hoping to lose some weight.

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Day 32

After getting some great input in the troubleshooting forum (as well as encouragement!), I'm tightening things up this time. This segment of my Whole 60 these will be my goals:

Stick to the meal template and keep track of amounts. Already in the last 2 days I'm noticing a difference in my meal content as I'm focusing more on this.

When I eat nuts, I will eat "up to one closed handful" as my fat source in a meal. No more just grabbing them.

I will really limit nut butter.

Eat mostly cooked veggies (as it was wisely pointed out to me raw veggies can be bloating...and I was eating raw cabbage all the time.)

Track sleep.

Drink 99 oz of water a day (this is a lot of water!!)

Sleep: 11pm-5am (woke up early and went to bed too late. 6 hrs :( )

Water: 88 oz (didn't.make it. Whew! That's a lot of water)

5:30am: coffee w ~1/6 can coc milk

7am: M1- black coffee. 2 fried eggs, 1 chicken sausage, sautéed yellow pepper, green onions, & arugula, cooked in ~1tsp coc oil, 1/2 avocado

8:45 am WO: 25 mins steady pace arc trainer (set at 35). 35 mins stretching, rolling, PT

10::15 Post WO: slice of sweet potato,small piece ribeye

2:50 pm (late!) M2: 2 palm size ribeye pieces, warmed arugula, 1 T olive oil, 1/2 lg sweet potato w ~1 T. Clarified butter. 1 bottle cranberry kombucha. 1 peach

5:45 snack (weird day. I went out late with friends which I never do): banana, chick sausage w mustard

8:45 M3: Dinner out w friends. 2 carne asada tacos with no tortillas and I ordered without cheese. There was a little sprinkled on top so I scraped it off and didn't eat it. Squash they said was cooked in EVOO. Guacamole

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Day 33:

Sleep: 11:30pm-6am (6 1/2 hrs :( )

Water:99 oz. made it!

6:15 am: coffee w ~1/6 can coc milk

7:50am: M1 coffee w ~ 1/6 can coc milk, warmed arugula, warmed sprouts (this was weird), sautéed mushrooms,little paleo chili, 2 fried eggs. 1 tsp coc oil for cooking

9am WO: Crossfit. Skipped the snatches in the beginning and did shoulder and heel/foot mobility. Short 10ish minute workout: 3 rounds: 10 front squats (75#), bike .5 mile

Saw chiropractor-shoulder work.

12:00: snack (weird timing and snack. Didn't pack food earlier so I grabbed this at grocery store) 1 banana.

12:55: M2: 1 1/2 palm sized ribeye pieces, 1 crown broccoli, 1/2 lg sweet potato, ~1 T clarified butter

3:40 Decaf tea

5:30: M3 cauliflower soup (then had to run out the door to back to school night. Ate the other part of my dinner when I got home.

8:30pm (too late for me to eat! I like eating dinner at 5:30 or 6): rest of M3: 6 nom nom paleo meatballs with coc aminos and mustard

Small bowl watermelon

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Day 34


SLEEP: 10;30pm-6am       7 1/2 hrs. Better!


WATER: ~88 ounces. Need 11 more.


REST DAY. NO workout


6:15 am Coffee w coconut milk

7:30 am M1 Chicken sausage, 2 scrambled eggs. Cauliflower soup. Slightly less than 1 closed handful toasted pecan pieces.

11:30 am Decaf coffee w splash of regular with some coc milk

2:30 pm M2 (late) Cauliflower soup w/ 1 closed handful pecans. 6 nom nom paleo meatballs with coc aminos and mustard. Lavendar Kombucha. Peach

7pm: M3 Ate at Zocolo's mexican restaurant. Brough cukes and celery and dipped in guacamole. Ordered 3 carne asada tacos with no cheese/dairy, no tortillas & side seasonal veggies no dairy.


8:45: I did have a banana when we got home. I debated and ended up having it. Two of the people with us had ice cream while we were out and I felt hungry but also wanted something sweet. No cashew butter though!

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Day 35-I got several days behind and am posting these now, but am going to post simply and not as detailed.

5am pre WO: coffee w coc milk, chicken apple sausage

6am WO Crossfit

7:30am: started eating breakfast and I finished at 10am--it took me 2 1/2 hrs to eat breakfast! And this is the picture of my days...running around and eating between other stuff I'm doing with the kids or whatever. I guess my meals can turn into grazing. 1 cup chicken broth, ribeye and eggs, butternut squash soup

11-coffee w coc milk

2pm-M2 smaller piece ribeye steak, chick apple sausage w mustard, butternut squash soup, banana

5:30- chicken cacciatore, spinach, clarified butter, 1/2 handful cashews, apple

7pm decaf coffee

11pm- got home from night out with friends with them all eating dessert. I had 1/2 banana w almond butter when I got home

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Day 36

7:45 coffee w coc milk, 1/2 handful cashews, 2 chick Apple saus

WO: 20 min interval arc trainer, Lat pull downs, row w band, plank machine, stretch/roll

10:15 butternut squash soup

11:45 kombucha

1pm tuna salad

4:30 1 handful cashews, 1 banana

5:00 chick w mushroom sauce, spinach, pinenuts

Freeze dried bananas

Craving chocolate like crazy. Wanted to give in.

8:30-Apple with almond butter, raisins, toasted almonds

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Day 38 finally started period. Sheesh.

Long day driving kids to Stanford and back for doc appointment

M1: coffee w coc milk, shredded beef, fried eggs, salsa, cooked onion and mushrooms

M2: kombucha and tuna salad

Snack in afternoon:banana and cashews

M3: the counter--not ordering sweet pot fries was so hard! Burger on greens with guac

3 handfuls cashews

Late like 9pm: got home and ate some shredded beef with chipotle mayo (compliant). Then I started drinking my natural calm I had. Friend get me and it has stevia in it. I drank some and stopped and didn't finish

Tonight I want to stop doing this, it's day 38. I want to add back in yogurt and oatmeal. I still don't feel like my body has changed much. I started adding in snacks again so I do see that. I felt hungry when I ate them and I had the worst pms for a week and a half so I feel like it was hard not to snack--plus the weekend and in all kinds of eating scenarios. After sleep I'll reexamine tomorrow

Uggh. Feeling defeated tonight.

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Day 39- Clarity has come back! Yes I want to keep doing this. Breaking years of food addiction is not a quick easy fix.

M1: shredded beef, 2 fried eggs, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, enchilada sauce & some clarified butter. 2 cups coffee with CM

WO: modified Michael--3 rounds row 1000m, 50 good mornings/mod kb swings, 50 sit ups. Stretch and roll

Post WO: piece sweet potato, cup of beef broth

M2: sautéed peppers, shredded beef, enchilada sauce, guac. Kombucha

M3: bacon chirizo chipotle meatloaf (amazing! Paleomg), broccoli, sweet pot, chipotle mayo

I didn't snack! I wasn't hungry! I did eat a boatload of veggies. Yay! It was a good day.

I wasn't tired but had energy for the whole day...yesterday that was true also.

I am changing!

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Day 40

M1: 2 cups coffee w CM, meatloaf, 2 eggs, broccoli

WO: Front squats. 5 rounds: 30 2-count air dyne, 8 power cleans (75#)

Post WO: beef broth, 2 carrots

M2: egg salad, red & green cabbage (not eating this anymore! It definitely DOES make me bloated), almonds. Apple. kombucha

M3: meatloaf, broccoli w clarified butter, chipotle mayo. Banana

Out late-ish (for me) Got home hungry and ate banana, almonds, raisins

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Day 41

M1: coffee w CM. 3 scrambled eggs, tomatoes, olive oil, sautéed mushrooms, onion, peppers, squash

WO: PT exercises. 5 min amrap: 15 press 2-8 lb DBs, 30 sit-ups. 5 min amrap: 20 good mornings (22 lb), 20 squats. 5 min amrap: 15 medball cleans (10#), 4-10 sec modified L-sit hold (knees bent)

Post WO: hard boiled egg, 2 carrots

M2: chipotle chicken salad (chicken breast, celery, onion, pecans, chipotle mayo). Kombucha

Decaf tea w CM

M3: Paleo Italian chicken fingers w marinara, Paleo Caesar salad. 1/2 apple, 1 banana w cinnamon and crumbled pecans

Snack: Orange

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Haven't posted in a few days. Still on the program. I can tell I haven't lost weight. I got sloppy for a couple days, snacking more and eating more fruit and nuts. Trying to reign that in. Been craving a lot more...treats have been around, but I haven't had any. I did snack today.

Day 45

Coffee w CM

PT exercises

M1: breakfast meatloaf (w lots of veggies in it), 1/2 avocado. 1 peach

M2: chicken "pasta", sundried tomatoes with spaghetti squash w pinenuts on top. Kombucha

Snack-4 hrs later. Banana w cashew butter

M3: carne asada, guac, greens, tomato salsa. Couple handfuls of Mac nuts ( I felt so hungry for fat!) went back and had more Mac nuts after that.

Natural calm stirred in a little apple juice (is that ok?! That powder is so sour!)

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