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It's Day 31! and I love cheese.


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Woot, I made it! Today was Day 31 and I was camping, so I ate my planned compliant meals until dinner, where I had cheese on my (bun-less, of course) burger and salad. I thought I would go all crazy with the dairy today--I've really been thinking about ice cream--but this seems like enough for now. Oh man, that was a good burger!


In terms of NSVs: I love my new skin; it was the first change I noticed, and others have mentioned it too. I've had much less heartburn this last month than usual, not completely gone, but better. And it sure seems like my sugar cravings are under control! I was hoping that I would become a little more of a morning person with this plan, but no change there; I guess we can't work miracles.


So, I don't even OWN a scale; will my weighing-in be skewed by my off-plan meal today if I do it later this week when I'm around one? I'm planning to do a slow, systematic reintroduction of foods but keep mostly on the plan for another month and see how it goes.

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