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Dallas' Body Mass article

Nina D

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Before anyone begins to think otherwise, I am an extremely healthy, but petite woman. I've always been small, my parents are small, that's just the way our body type is. Just wanted to get that out of the way.


I've always struggled to put on weight. In my pre-paleo, unhealthy, teenage years of eating everything fried food and junk food I could get my hands on, I even then only weighed about  97-98 lbs. I'm 4'11' for reference. After cutting out most processed and junk foods and eating organic, fresh food I dropped to about 92-95 lbs about 6 years ago. Since starting my whole30 and staying mostly paleo since March I've dropped another 6-8 lbs hovering about 88 on most days. I know 6-8 lbs for most people isn't a big deal but for me on my already small frame, I need to be heavier. My question is, based on the article Dallas had written and using the recipes for mass gain, would that be okay as a routine supplementation to my meals? Or should I not be consuming those types of additional meals/snacks on a daily basis? I don't have any desire to move away from paleo eating, I enjoy it very much and I'm not missing anything, but I want to also make sure that if I follow the advice out there to either eat more carbs or make these sort of recipes on a daily basis, that I'm not being detrimental to my health.


Any thoughts?


Article for reference: http://whole9life.com/2011/08/clean-mass-gain/

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Hi Nina,


Dallas' mass gains article was more of an experiment and if I recall correctly it may have even said in the article or the comments that it was not meant to be a long term thing.


The Hartwigs also published an article geared towards folks such as yourself that need to gain or at least maintain their weight.  Take a read of this and see if it's not a bit more relevant:  http://whole30.com/2013/12/keeping-weight-whole30/


Basically, eat more in general, way more fat and more calorically dense foods (like smoothies, yes, you are the subset that smoothies are actually not subpar) and carbs.  And no, eating this way will do absolutely nothing to damage you.  You should still be aiming for 4-5 hours between meals in order to let your digestive system do its thing but what you eat at those meals can be high fat and high carb along with the protein.


Does that answer your question?

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