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Day 30 - Stubborn Facial Dermatitis Persists.


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Hello. First off, I have had dermatitis around the forehead, nose and cheeks for more than 2 years and was prescribed steroid cream by my GP.

I've tried to wean myself off it by only using every 2 days, 3 at most.

I am on my last day of a W30 and feeling very well. Good energy, weight loss, better memory. One would say biochemically sound!

However, and this is a big however, this dermatitis has flared up to become dry and very angry looking on each check (just the cheeks). It looks pretty bad.

Some questions:

1) has anybody else had this problem and did it persist/clear up?

2) Is it possible that the inflammation is in its final stages and just reacting badly as it is secreted from my face?

3) could it be a reaction to the steroid use decreasing?

4) If anybody else is in the same boat as me, did they have any advice as to how to get rid of it?

P.S we are getting a juicer in the house soon so I am very much looking forward to getting a lot more greenery in my diet, hopefully with a view to flush out this dermatitis.

Thank you in advance for reading.

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Hi There,


The best way for us to help you troubleshoot is to find out what you have been eating the last few days. Please include portion sizes.


Skin issues have a tendency of getting worse before they get better.


Some general thoughts:


I have had lifelong struggles with eczema, dermatitis, and roseacea.  I recently finally broke down and eliminated eggs from my diet   :(  (with the exception of mayo).  My chronic hand eczema cleared up.  I now no longer have hands of an eighty year old.  


Some other things that may cause skin flare ups - nuts and nightshades (tomato, peppers, eggplants, potatoes) so if you are eating a lot of this particular family of veggies - you may want to think about cutting back.

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It would be hard to think back over the last couple of days about what I have had and portion sizes etc. I was thinking eggs at first but I have them all the time anyway.

There is a possibility that the potatoes are an issue. I had an empire roast chicken (Indian flavouring roast chicken with Indian flavouring roast potatoes) so it might be due to this. My 2 year old has nightshade allergies (this is a definite).

I will try and cut back on nightshades then (I'm reluctant to go back to the GP who will just give me more cream). To be honest, if it was eggs, I would be devastated hahaha. Eggs are very much a staple in our household.

Thank you for reply (and well done for clearing up your skin, I'm very jealous :-).

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With your advice Carlacinni, I am going to do a trial run over the next few weeks and omit 3 foods that I consume regularly which may be a cause of the rashes on my cheeks.

This is 1st day after W30. I will omit chillies from my food. I have realised I really like my chillies and add them as a condiment as well as an ingredient. I will gauge how I do for the rest of the week.

After that I will try potatoes. I wouldn't miss potatoes that much anyway, but the last week or so saw quite an increase in potato consumption, especially white ones.

If there are still no improvements then I will consider cutting out eggs. I really like eggs and don't just have them boiled/fried/scrambled. That would be more difficult that cutting it the sugars!

I will keep a log in this post of how my face is doing. Hopefully others at least have some additional knowledge to add to Carlacinni's.

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I'd love to hear the your results.


I have bad dermatitis behind one of my ears and part of my journey in to W30 was to see if eliminating certain foods would help clear it up. Like you, I was on a steroid cream from my doctor and finally used it all up (5 years at least). Instead of going back to the doctor, who doesn't want to find a cause, I want to find the cause.


On day 17 (I think) and it seems to be subsiding a bit, but that could also be the various shampoos I use, too, to help keep the inflammation down. It definitely looks better than it did 2 weeks ago!

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