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Sandy's Whole 30 Adventure


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So this is a first for me. I rarely journal and have never done one on a public forum.  Let's see how this goes.


Day 0 - My Whys -

I get migraines, my feet, ankles and knees hurt, my rings don't fit, I want a LBD and I want to feel sexy wearing it.


Made a menu and grocery list.


Starting weight 170.8


Aug 16 - Day 1 - Started the morning simple with ingredients on hand. Eggs, spinach, tomato scramble. Pineapple tidbits.


Grocery shopping was next. It took forever and couldn't find some of the items on my list. There is no such thing as compliant cashews at WalMart. Couldn't find Coconut Aminos either. Found some expensive but compliant macadamia nuts to substitute. Will have to wait on the aminos.


I had heard that the detox headache is often caused by the sudden drop in carbs so I had a baked potato with ghee, canned chicken and green beans for lunch. Definitely not gourmet, but served it's purpose.


I spent the afternoon in the kitchen. I started the crock pot with some Taco Chicken Soup. Made paleo mayo. Seasoned some ground turkey to make breakfast sausage, that I then cooked it up for a frittata.


Had the soup for dinner.


Was feeling restless? maybe hungry so I had some nuts and applesauce before bed.



Aug 17 - Day 2 - Had frittata with Salsa and Avocado.  SOOOOO good. Had some pineapple tidbits again to make sure I got some carbs. I'm dreading the thought of a headache at this point.


Lunch was canned chicken with mayo, nuts and grapes on romaine. A little bland, but not too bad.


Stopped at WalMart. got what I needed and DID NOT BINGE! That is huge for me. I have a horrible habit of getting a donut or chips or something not good while there. Went to Harvest Moon for the aminos and saw some plantain chips. I read the ingredients and thought I was good. Snacked on a few while making dinner then checked the book. They were not compliant. I threw away the rest of the bag. oops. Honest mistake on day 2. Not worthy of a restart.


Dinner was chicken in coconut oil, zucchini, mushrooms and marinara sauce. I made enough for two and the 2nd serving is Day 3 lunch. 


No evening snack - good.


I didn't have a headache! well, a very minor one. No treatment needed. Hopefully, I'll do good with this detox. I was dreading the thought of a migraine.


Aug 18 - Day 3 - Frittata, salsa, and avocado again. Still love it.


A little sleepy, but that could just be that Tony is away. Glad he'll be back tomorrow.


Planned-overs for lunch with a side of nuts.


OK. That brings this up to date.


I'm feeling strong about this. This is my first attempt at Whole 30. My BFF tried one last fall and only made it to day 17. It's my personal mission to totally outdo her! ;)


No real challenges ahead until Saturday. It's Ben's 15th birthday. We will be having family over to celebrate. Need to plan to pick up a fruit plate so I can have a 'treat' too.


I've got my menu plan done through Saturday and groceries on the agenda for Sunday.


I've got this.





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Hi sandy, I'm not blogging here as got an Instagram page which satisfies that part of me but I made the same mistake with peas from my garden. It never occurred to me peas would be banned, little fresh succulent peas. I'm still arguing that one in my head but I'm not viewing it as a fail, was also an honest mistake

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Good morning.


Cathy. I found the soup recipe on iheartnaptime.com.   http://www.iheartnaptime.net/mexican-chicken-soup/  It turned out really good.


I finished Day 3 without any hiccups.


Lunch - leftover chicken, marinara, zucchini, mushrooms with a handful of nuts for the 'fat'


Dinner - tilapia (olive oil), green beans, baked potato w/ghee.


no evening snack.


I'm stinkin' tired.  I get all of the reasons, but who has time for a nap? I can't exactly doze in my cubicle at work.  I'm trying to go to bed a bit early, but life happens. I'm just trying to power through.



Day 4 - woke up hungry today

Breakfast - frittata with 1/2 avocado and salsa.  Even though I'm just eating 1 serving and skipping the fruit I had on Day 1, I'm stuffed.


Lunch - Today's lunch is the same as Day 2, chicken, mayo, nuts, grapes, romaine. 


Dinner - We've got Back-to-School night tonight, so I'll have a big bowl of the Mexican Chicken Soup when we get home.


I'm feeling that I've got a basic handle on things. I think I over shopped though.  Needing enough food for 3 meals a day isn't as much as I was expecting. Last time I tried to change my food habits, I followed a meal plan that had the 6 meals a day. That seemed to need a ton of food. This is a lot more reasonable.


I'm also guessing I should be eating more veggies (I do eat some at every meal), but I'm stuffed after eating my protein most meals. I'm not sure I could add more veggies at this point. Hopefully my appetite picks up a bit to make room for the veggies.



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