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Newbie with Diabetes- start date August 17

Cathy Critt

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Greetings, all!  I started my very first Whole30 yesterday.  Since I have diabetes, my body doesn't deal with changes well, so I have been easing into the plan for a couple of weeks and started the full press yesterday. I am using the 7 day meal plan in the W30 book.  Doing all this cooking is challenging.  With a full time job and two teenage daughters, time for me to eat is limited.  My family has gotten into bad habits of fast food.  No, they are not doing the W30 with me - I am going solo.


Last night oldest daughter had one of those big homework projects that are as much homework for mom as for child, so I didn't get to prep/plan food for today.  Got up early to make slaw for tonight.  Luckily, I had leftovers for breakfast and lunch!  So far I have felt great.  I was sleepy yesterday, but that was because I didn't sleep the night before!Log so far: 


Monday, August 18 - Day one:

B: Frittata - eggs, spinach, tomato

L: tuna salad with W30 mayo on greens, cherries

D: tomato sauce with ground beef, spaghetti squash


Tuesady, August 19 - Day two:

B: Leftover frittata, cashews, grapes

L: tomato sauce with ground beef, spaghetti squash, grapes

D: (planned) chicken, potatoes, slaw with cashews and olive oil


Would love to share support, comments, suggestions, etc.


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Wednesday, August 19, Day Three


Feeling very sleepy and tired today.  While I was cooking last night, I got really shaky so I stopped to take my blood sugar.  It wasn't too low, 89, but I thought I should go ahead and eat some cherries.  Sweet husband finished the meal so day two dinner was cherries, chicken, red pepper mayo, roasted potatoes and broccoli slaw.  I also eat some melon and cantaloupe for an unplanned afternoon snack.  After the higher carb meal last night, I woke with a high blood sugar, 181.  The low yesterday and the high today are probably why I am so so sleepy today.


Food so far today:

B: leftover chicken, red pepper mayo and broccoli slaw

L: leftover tomato sauce with ground beef, spaghetti squash, roasted potatoes


I put a roast in the crockpot this morning so I don't have to cook when I get home today.  Yahoo.


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Thursday, August 20, 2015 - Day Four


Not feeling as sleepy today, but I do have a small headache.  Dinner last night night was roast with butternut squash and broccoli slaw. I took too much insulin to cover meal so had level went down to 59 during the night.  130 fasting.


B: 2 fried eggs with 1/2 tomato and baby kale, almonds (probably should have done 3 eggs)

L: leftover roast, broccoli slaw, butternut squash, grapes


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Friday, August 21, Day Five


Feeling better today.  Yesterday evening, my muscles were achy everywhere, especially those muscles that I sit on most of the day!  Weird. 


Last night it rained so no grilling of the pork chops.  I didn't have energy to cook the chops so I put them in the freezed and ate leftover roast with butternut squash and broccoli slaw and grapes instead.  I don't mind eating leftovers and it may be the best way for me to do the whole30 - lots of leftovers=less cooking.


B: 3 eggs with tomato, baby kale, mushrooms and olives (was still a bit hungry before lunch, may need to focus on meats for protein)

L: Leftovers:  roast with butternut squash and broccoli slaw and grapes



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Sunday, August 23, 2015, Day 7


Weird day today.  I was very weepy this morning.  (Yes, female related.) This evening, I have had more energy than any day since starting W30.


Conquered two eating challenges this weekend:  Friday night football rush and Sunday go-out-to-lunch with family.


Spent most of the day Saturday shopping -- Sam's, Fresh Market for first time and Publix.


Friday, Day 5

D:  salad with greens, tomatoe, green pepper, olives, boiled eggs and balsamic vinegar


Saturday, Day 6

B: eggs greens, almonds

L:leftover roast, sweet potato, salad, grapes, pecans

D: steamed shrimp on salad


Sunday, Day 7

B: scrambled eggs, tomato, mushroom, greens

L: O'Charlies - grilled chicken cobb salad (no cheese, no bacon, no croutons) with oil and vinegar

D: chocolate chili, monkey salad (theclothesmakethegirl)



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Monday, August 24, 2015, Day 8


I am declaring this no-cook Monday.  Yesterday, I roasted chicken thighs, spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes, and cooked chocolate chilli (1st time - delish and very filling!) and some extra ground beef.  (I already had some boiled eggs in the refrigerator.)


Fasting sugar was 130 - not bad.  On W30, I am averaging about 70 units of insulin a day - down from almost 100 pre-W30.  Yeah me!!


B: Egg salad with mayo and olives, spaghetti squash.

L: Chicken, sweet potato with coconut oil, bell pepper, orange

D: (planned) Chocolate chili and maybe monkey salad

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Wednesday, August 26, Day 10


Yesterday was a busy, busy day.  I didn't have time to eat before parent night at the high school.  I was okay until after the meeting and after we climbed the hill to our car.  I started getting shaky and my blood sugar was 70.  Since we were going to have to wait about a half hour for band practice to end, I used the emergency Larabar -- still on program, but not ideal.


Day 9:

B: Eggs with butternut squash, greens, mushrooms, olives

L: chocolate chilli, spaghetti squash, grapes

S: Larabar

D: beef and broccoli with red pepper mayo


Day 10:

B: eggs with butternut squash, greens, mushrooms, bell pepper, cashews

L: chicken, sweet potatoe with coconut oil

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Thursday, August 27, Day 11


Feeling good today.  I resisted the cookies at choir practice last night!


Day 10:

D: Broccoli, ground beef, red pepper mayo, grapes


Day 11:

B: 3 eggs with spinach, butternut squash, olives, greens

L: Large salad with boiled eggs, chicken, greens, red bell pepper, blueberries, tomatoes

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Wednesday, September 2, Day 17


I decided to stop posting my meals everyday, but I am doing well.  I am getting used to the meal prep and finding ways not to cook quite so much.  My endo was very proud of my blood sugars at my appointment Friday.  Hopefully, this diet will help get my A1C lower.  Not sure I want to do reintroduction, so may go beyond the 30 days.

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