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How to do a Whole30 and run my bakery/catering business....

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Hello everyone....I'm in the process of reading It Starts With Food and Whole30 - yes at the same time lol. One is on my Kindle on my laptop and the other is a regular hardcover I can take with me. Anyway, I generally eat pretty healthy - some less than great stuff sneaks in every now and then but not much. I own a business where I make baked goods and chocolates using organic, gluten free ingredients...nothing processed, no refined sugars (just local honey, maple syrup, vegan 'honey' or coconut sugar) dairy free chocolate....and have recently launched the catering aspect to my business. Again all organic gluten free yumminess.


My question - there are a few things that I use in my business - honey, quinoa, black beans, etc - that are organic and such but are not allowed during that Whole30 reset period so how can I go about quality checking (as any good cook knows you need to taste as you create to ensure proper seasoning) and still stick to the plan? Any advice would be appreciated - thanks.

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