Weight Training, pre and post workout meals


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Day 8 and need help with pre and post wko foods that are not animal byproducts. I love sweets so naturally I have been carbing up with fruits! Wrong. I need something else. Help.


I did 10 miles yesterday on Day 8 and it was HARD and it shouldn't have been at all.





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Are you doing a vegan Whole30? Just pick from protein sources you're normally eating in your meals :)


Pre-workout add some guac, olives, or mayo to the protein (there's an egg-free mayo recipe in the Whole30 book)

Post-workout add some sweet potato, carrots, regular potato, beets, parsnip, rutabaga, etc to the protein

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If you're looking for a recommendation for a protein powder I'm afraid you're not going to get one here. Whole30 is all about consuming whole foods, and lean protein (chicken, tuna etc) pre WO is always going to be far superior to anything else you might choose to put in your body.

By filling up on fruit & veg you are encouraging your body to continue to rely on sugar for fuel when you want your body to be able to switch easily from burning sugar to fat so that your body can easily tap into your fat stores as fuel...

If you're willing to commit to Whole30 for 30 days then surely you can commit to our recommendations for pre & post WO?


It's only 30 days after all.


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just don't want to over consume meat. Its not healthy.


Whole30 recommendations are not excessive at all, as far as meat consumption goes, and there is research to suggest this approach is quite healthy (admittedly, there is also research you could point to that would recommend a vegan diet, or any and all possible approaches to nutrition).


I agree with jmcbn: if you believe in the whole30 enough to give it a try, why not try all of the recommendations (for the 30 day period) and decide for yourself if you feel better following this way of eating.

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Thanks. I am not doing vegan just don't want to over consume meat. Its not healthy. Bacon and steak is not in my norm and don't want to start it. Not my style doesn't make sense to me. Keep it simple. I eat lots of raw veggies and fruit.



Just an fyi, you don't have to eat steak and bacon.  I loathe bacon and I eat steak maybe once in a blue moon (no bbq, no steak!)


You can eat eggs for a pre workout... it's actually a perfect pre workout becuase it has the protein and fat all mixed in. 

Have you read It Starts With food?  That might be a good book for you to read if you're concerned about the health of meat consumption.  Also a great one is Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe.

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My workout ends at 6:oopm and I eat dinner at 6:30pm. Do I need to eat a post workout meal also?

What is your workout?

If it significantly raises your heartbeat then I'd say yes. Eat a few bites of lean protein & some starchy carbs immediately upon finishing - before showering, or heading home - then when you're done have your meal 3.

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