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Day 4

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Today was better than yesterday.  I'm still waking up really groggy and sort of hung over.  I guess this is sugar withdrawal? But overall a little less meh today.  Didn't work out but didn't want to sleep all day either.  Here's what I ate.  I'm worried about calories…afraid I'm eating too much…but trying really hard to put that out of my head for now.


B: 2 egg scrambled with 1T ghee, apple

L: tuna mixed with avocado, olives, carrots, celery, raisins, red onion. Kombucha tea, 1 c raspberries

D: leftovers: about 2 ounces ground beef, 2-3 ounces chicken breast, large baked sweet potato with 1/2T ghee, roasted broccoli

S: 1/4 c almonds with 2T raisins 


Looking at this I think I'm a little heavy on the fruit and a little light on protein.  I am going to try to snack on hard boiled eggs and maybe almonds but skip the raisins.  Maybe also cut back to 1 serving of fruit and increase protein at dinner time.  I was hungry tonight before bed. 

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Actually you're not eating enough - the fact you need to snack confirms this. YOU want to building meals big enough to keep you satiated for 4-5hrs without the need to snack - and then snacking on things like dried fruit & nuts will spike your blood sugar & cause those 'meh' feelings you describe.

Your breakfast lacks any vegetables and you should be aiming for 1-3 cups at every meal, with 3 being optimum. Fruit should not push veg off of your plate, and many report that eating fruit in the morning caues a crash later in the day, along with faux hunger, lack of focus, fatigue etc.

A serving of eggs, when they are your only source of protein, should be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most females. Many report better satiety though when they mix up their protein sources.

You could also benefit from adding more fat to that meal - I discount egg yolks, and the fat I use for cooking and always add an additional source.

The composition of meal 2 & 3 don't look too bad (albeit a little short on fat again in meal 3) but if you're still find the need to snak following the increase in size of meal 1 then I'd up the size of those a bit too.

Forget calories. They have no place in Whole30, and all calories are not created equal.

PS. I'm moving this to Troubleshooting as it seems to sit better there.

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All excellent points by jmcbn.  Something she touched on but which I would like to elaborate on.  Eating too light at breakfast can generally not be made up for later in the day. Breakfast starts your day after a night of fasting and is crucial for eliminating cravings, low energy etc.  If you can up that breakfast to something more substantial and add a bit more fat overall as jmcbn says, you could be on the right track for rocking out on the next 26 days!

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