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Day 30 - just the beginning...


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I apologize in advance for the novel, but I just wanted to share my success. This was my third attempt at completing a Whole30. The first time I made it to 15 days and then blew it. The second time was 4 days. Not this time though. I am proud to say that I am almost there!!! Some days were easy and some days were really hard. It seems like ages ago when I was going through the headaches, brain fog and emotional ups and downs of withdrawal. For the last 3 weeks though I have felt great. Some of the successess I have had are:

- my skin is so much clearer and brighter. So much so that I have gone out without makeup on. I don't think that's happened since I was 13 yrs old :)

- my cravings have lessened significantly for carbs and sugar which is a huge thing for me.

-most definitely experiencing less bloat.

-more energy in the afternoons

-more restful sleep for sure.

-not tracking calories!!!! That was a huge thing for me to get used to. So freeing not to be tied to that. I just ate when was hungry. What a concept lol.

-on that note, being able to go 4 hours between eating. What?? I thought that would be impossible.

Some weird things I noticed and hope will balance out going forward is that my period has come twice in the month. I am hoping that sorts itself out soon. Not fun dealing with shark week every two weeks.

I have also noticed that I am experiencing some numbness in my hands and legs sometimes. This is new and I have never experienced it before so I am keeping my eye on that. As for weight loss, I do not feel that I have lost any weight as my clothes do not feel a lot looser, maybe a bit. They also don't feel tighter so that's good. I don't have much weight to lose (about 10lbs) so I wasn't really expecting anything there and it wasn't my main goal. I don't know how much I may have lost as I decided to throw away the scale and don't regret that decision at all. It was like getting rid of a huge bully. What a relief. I look back now and think what a fool I was for letting a piece of plastic create so much self loathing. What I have realized during this journey is that I still have urges to snack sometimes, though it's much better than it was. I am developing the skills to deal with my emotional eating, but I have learned enough these last 30 days to realize I am not quite there yet. I have decided to turn it into a Whole60 to give myself more time to deal with some lingering food issues. At the beginning of this journey I was planning the "reward" meal that I was going to have on day 31. Thinking about chocolate and gummy bears and probably cake lol. Now that doesn't appeal to me at all. To me this is the biggest success. I was so scared going into this, but it has been the best decision of my life. I am going to keep on keeping on, and look forward to further successes in my journey. Thanks for letting me share :)

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