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This reminds me of when a Hyena came to join us for supper when on holiday last year  :ph34r:



I watched it...not in the middle of the night.  I am fascinated.  I like the gymnastics and dancing.  It is a pressure cooker situation.  I'm up because of my dog.  It's pitch dark out there and you have to be mindful of critters with large teeth.  They roam around at night looking for a crab apple tree or gooseberry to snack on.  You have to make darned sure there's nothing out there with a scent of any kind.  I wear a shower cap on my head when I cook bacon or put it in the oven.  You know how it sticks in your hair and on your clothes.  I have to drop those clothes after cooking.   Stay mindful and present. 


Watch your surroundings at all times.  Don't put your head down.   Same advice in the country or a big ole city.  Never take your eye off the ball.  I don't have a cat.  Cats don't come back.  A neighbor lady used to let her cat go outside with a long rope.  She'd reel it back in and there wouldn't be a cat on the other end.  Coyotes.   Hmmmm mmmmm.   


The top of the food chain.  Everyone is hungry as a bear. 

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I like to eat a big honking breakfast everyday.  It is a staple for me...so tasty and satisfying.  You can get fancy and complicated as you tool along.  We should all have some 5 minute meal ideas that we can throw in the oven, kick that door shut and walk away.   Throw your arms in the air like you've just stuck that landing!




It's great practice for your brain and the big Euphoria Bump that's coming your way.  One day, you will stick that landing.   Day 30.  For some of us,  it will take a few more days.  


Brain Train. 

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No Paleo SWYPO'S.   SWYPO'S are a swapped out version of your former favorites. SWIPE-O'S = swapped out new creations that you can find in brightly colored packages...shelf ready or in your own kitchen.


Creativity is desired.  Compliant recipes are welcomed here.  If you find yourself longing for the old familiar formations...Houston, you may be dipping your toes into the sugary sharky waters.   So we won't go there but don't hesitate to speak up.  The Whole 30 Alumni on this thread have ideas how to deal with  the Sugar/Carb Dragon.


It is the formations of the old familiar favorites that your brain may be trying to stir up. That's why Paleo Pancakes are off the program.   Even if the ingredients are compliant, it is the actual formation of the pancake that sets your brain on high alert.  


A Paleo pancake or non-compliant Monkey Salad will never satisfy what you really want.  Don't go there.

You've probably tried coconut cream faux ice cream.  It's not Dairy Queen.  I can leave it right there at the store.  I will always leave it because it doesn't move me.


We can tell ourselves NO.  


It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all of the rest.

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Permanent weight releasing is possible for those with diabetes.   On the average, people with diabetes have a significantly higher insulin level than people without diabetes - one of the reasons why it is harder for them to release weight.   The Whole 30 supports the insulin level, which results in an increased fat burning process and balanced blood levels.  People with diabetes can finally find some relief of their symptoms.   I did.


Whole 30 supports fasting blood sugar level, the fasting insulin level and the long-term blood sugar level. There is much confusion out there about the most effective diabetic protocol "diet" to follow. The best experts now say that diabetics need significantly more protein than what used to be advised.


Grains + Sugar = Unhealthy Fat Gain   


After 15 months,  I am thoroughly convinced that insulin primes the unhealthy fat pump.

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Always work with your doctor when you're trying to move out of diabetes.  Find someone who's willing to try something new and will give you a pat on the back when you make small improvements.


Every step of the way.  Success is the sum of many small efforts.  The Whole 30 works if you work it. 

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I no longer take any meds.  None.  


As many will attest to, the thyroid can work against you, too.   At times along the way,  I can confirm that the thyroid and pancreas were working in tandem to really marsh my mellow.   


The only way I can describe it  is like a water level sensor.  The water overfills or will not completely drain. There's this fight and you can literally feel it.   You can sense that conflict going on every single day.  Like two wildcats fighting in a flour sack.   Your radiator is leaking or it will not hold water.   You are a vessel with all of these large plastic balls bouncing around.  You try to fill up the container and those balls prevent any water from coming in.   


It feels tight like you're ready to burst at the seams but your water level is not full.  That's the only way I can think of to describe the thyroid/pancreas/hormone fight inside of your body.  It is major suckage. You cannot give up.   Keep going and come heck or high water, don't let anything or anyone stand in your way.

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I love my W30 meals that keep me full and happy. I get to laugh at the people who look at me weirdly as I tuck into a huge plate of meat & veg every lunchtime in the bistro at work, every day is a packed lunch kind of day. My beloved & I work together and each day we sit down to lunch together and tuck into deliciousness that we have created to share with each other. I really can't imagine eating any other way than this. 


For lunch today I made us mince & "tatties". Really simple, wonderful comfort food. You need:


Minced (ground) beef 



peas (not while on a W30, I'm not at the moment)





Slice up those onions and fry them up a bit in some good fat, beef dripping would be perfect but use whatever you have. Don't brown them you just need to release their flavour, should take about 5-10 minutes. Add the beef to the pan and fry till browned, add enough stock to make it wet and saucy but not swimming. Put on the lid and cook for about 30 mins. Slice up the carrots & add them to the mince then cook till done. You can add the carrots at the beginning but I like mine with some bite. Add the peas, if using, near the end so they are just cooked. Mince is quite happy to be left simmering on the stove for an hour or two you just have to make sure it never gets dry. Mince needs to be well seasoned with lots of fresh ground black pepper & salt. 


While that is cooking peel then cube up the celeriac & cauliflower and cook in salted boiling water until soft. Mash this up & adjust seasoning to taste.


For mince & tatties the amounts are whatever you want them to be, adjust it to your taste. I love lots of all the veg in mine and tend to be heavy on the onions. 


Lastly eat & enjoy  :D

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