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What protein to eat after the programme ends

Mark R

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Needing a bit of advice...

I've just completed the 30 days, I am about half way through the reintroductions and I find myself wondering what on earth to eat when it all finishes. I instinctively feel that I don't want to go back to grains or legumes, apart from perhaps occasionally but not as part of my daily diet.

However, I have found the meat and fish thing quite hard thro the 30 days, perhaps because I was almost vegetarian prior to the programme. I would like to continue eating meat and fish sometimes but I really don't think I could keep up the regime of having these every single day. I need something else as a daily protein. Any ideas?  I love eggs but obviously not with every meal.

I know whole30 is not big on hemp and plant based proteins, so what is there left? 


Any help greatly received.



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