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Unusually long orgasms?


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Ladies, I see that some of you are posting a low to non-existing libido. My libido was nil during days 1-7 of Whole30, which coincided with the ultra tiredness and just overall lethargy. However, upon entering this second phase (the boundless energy), I am experiencing the best sex of my life! Not sure what gives, but longer (5 nonstop minutes, sometimes more) and more satisifying orgasms. Is this normal?

I have not seen any posts regarding this phenomenon. If others are experiencing this, it is definitely worth spreading the word. Quality intimacy with your partner is just another wonderful benefit to the Whole30/Whole9 lifestyle. Never looking back!!

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No pun intended but yeah, I have to agree with you Carolina...... Things in the bedroom are " primal too" In a very very good way on my end. Always had a strong libido to begin with, but now it's woooo hoooo strong is all I can say. Orgasms last longer and more frequent ( multiples in one evening of intimacy).

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