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Cheryl Baranowski

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I'm starting Day 9 today and I've had a rollercoaster over the past few days.

Day 7 was amazing, I finally felt the energy come back! My stomache was feeling better and I was noticing that I was perkier, even happier with the changes that I had been making.

The past two days I've had a little bit of trouble with my stomache. I have IBD, ulcerative colitis and have had my colon removed with a j-pouch. I did get warned that things would get worse before they get better, but I've been having a lot of bathroom troubles which is a little bit frustrating and discouraging.

I'm still moving ahead with the plan as I am hoping if I keep up for the 30 days I will get over this hump. Any advice from others would be greatly appreciated!

Also, as I am following the IBD protocols, and cannot have eggs, I am struggling to find breakfast ideas that will work for me. I would love some breakfast recipes, I'm having a little trouble having something like a dinner for breakfast, my mind just can't get over the difference and that I want something "breakfasty"

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