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Day 20 and still no energy - what am I doing wrong??

Inspired to Change

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It's hard to say what you should change without knowing what you're doing. Could you give us a couple of days worth of typical food, including approximate serving sizes, water intake, sleep, exercise and anything else that seems relevant (like nursing, chasing a toddler all day, longstanding chronic condition)?

In general, some issues we see are people not eating enough in general, not eating enough fat, not having at least one serving of starchy vegetables each day, not drinking enough water, not salting their food -- and those are just food related. If you're not sleeping, exercising too much, or have a lot of stress in your life, food may not be enough to really change things.

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I agree with ShannonM816-


It's also about your stress, water intake, salt intake (was a huge one for me) and sleep. Women normally naturally need more sleep then men (I read in a study). Don't let your hubby tell you otherwise - like mine tries to. :)


Good luck.

Keep us posted.

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