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Melissa's 30 Days (Starting 8/31)


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I'm brand new and very excited to be staring my 30 Days next Monday 8/31.  I was introduced to the program, by my already very fit and healthy step-sister who is also a nutritionist.  She completed the Whole 30 and saw amazing results which floored me because she already has a very clean , healthy diet.  After listening to her and some testimonials, I know that I can benefit tremendously from this program.    I've been looking for a healthy diet that wasn't overly complicated, pushing a bunch of supplements, focused on the scale, and asking you to eat things that just weren't real food.


I'm 34 years old and I've struggled with yo-yo dieting since I was a young teenager.  I was programmed very early on that women had to be skinny and you always had to be dieting. My mother, despite the fact that she wasn't overweight, was always on a diet and never happy with her body.  I've never been taught what a healthy diet really is. Over the last few years I've gained a lot of weight, about 60lbs, and I am on meds for high blood pressure.  I want to be healthy. I want to feel good about myself, I want my body to feel good.  I don't want to feel tired and bloated all the time.  I've been digging in and learning a lot about diets and nutrition.  But, I've felt so overwhelmed by all the information out there.  I've been struggling with how to implement a healthy diet without feeling completely overwhelmed and defeated before I even started.  Once I saw the Whole 30, I knew I had to do this.  I was trying to convince my cousin to do it with me.  She has struggled with her weight and has gained a lot of weight the last several years and is always trying a quick fix, which never works.  She told me I was nuts and I would be her idol if I could actually complete it. 


I know that if I don't correct my diet and lifestyle I am headed down a very dangerous path in life.

So, 8/31 is the day it all changes!  I'm excited, thrilled and scared all at the same time.

I know it's not going to be easy, but the really great and important stuff in life never is!

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