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Not sure how this is going to work out for me..

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So, I'm a bit of a complicated case. I've had trouble with my thyroid (hashimotosj), adrenals, and low Vitamin D for awhile now. I'm on medication/supplements to address all of this but I was still searching for that missing link to tie everything together and help me feel good again. My doctor sent me a link to the Whole30 website and I was immediately intrigued. However, I won't have much support from the people around me.

My mother is afraid I'm going to lose weight, and I'm already quite thin. I'm one of those people who can't afford to lose weight. My boyfriend thinks it's a bit extreme and I know he'll continue to eat junk in my presence. I can deal with all of this, it's just annoying.

I began today, and have had two meals and a snack already. For lunch I made the Shepherd's Pie and it was delicious, but I noticed that even though I ate plenty and felt full at the time, I felt hungry again after about 30 minutes. I have a very fast metabolism (despite my thyroid) and it's like good, healthy food doesn't stay with me very long. I wonder if my body just needs time to adapt to this.

Either way, my goals are to gain more energy, stamina, less depression and anxiety, and better bloodwork from doing a Whole30. I'd also like to put ON a little weight if that is possible.

Does anyone out there have any tips for me on how to stay full? Or just any advice in general or motivational story of health issues similar to my own? Lol as you can see, I'm excited to begin this journey, just a little intimidated.

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