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Mag's First Round of Whole 30 Adventure


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This is Day 1 of my Whole 30 Adventure


Breakfast: Vegetable medley with chicke


Lunch: Tuna Ceviche in lettuce wraps with mango


Dinner:Turkey meatballs/ 3  1/2 an avocado , spaghetti squash, steamed veggies



So today, I made it a point of preparing my choices for breakfast and lunches. I go back to school tomorow, so I will be making breakfast and lunch choices ahead of time. I plan on going to the gym before work, so I will have to figure out what to do for my post workout meal.


I feel great, as this my second attempt. I made it all the way to day 7 and then had to start over again, because I ate some rice and beans at a festival. This time around, I plan on having my emergency food options when I am going out.


Still working out and trying to see if my performance when doing weights is affected by what I am eating.


Excited to find out I can have LeCroix drinks!!

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Day Two


Meal 1 : Breakfast Casserole leftovers with vegetable medley


Meal 2: Lunch provided at school  Grilled chicken and lamb:  Salad


Meal 3: Leftover turkey meatballs, guacamole and spaghetti squash


Went to the gym in the morning before heading to work for the day. I thought I would be really hungry, but it was not too bad. I am catching myself being hungry now at the end of the evening. Will just go to bed and eat a little more tomorrow for meal 2. 

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If you're lifting weights you should be including a pre & post WO meal in addition to your three main meals.

The recommendation is for a lean protein & fat preWO (so something like a hard boiled egg works well here, or some chicken & mayo), and a lean protein & starchy carb post WO (the favourite option being chicken & sweet potato)- no fruit before or after. We're only talking a few bites of each here, but including these should ward off any hunger you might feel later in the day which would probably worsen as the days go on.

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