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anyone else taking BC meds?

Tiffany P

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Hi all! I'm rolling into day 8 of my whole30 and have hit the happy place. I came on today to do a little research about the changes to my period but notice no mention in the other threads of anyone taking birth control. Just so you know, I use Nuvaring.

My period has been strange, starting really heavy [which is normal] and then seems to be taking a second go at very heavy midway through day 3 [not normal] has anyone else experienced anything like this?

It also came on much sooner, right after the ring came out. Previously it would take several days. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a shared experience?


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I'm not on hormonal BC, but my period during the Whole30 was strange - it ended up being several days early (unheard of for me, I am always 28 days to the hour, practically), was lighter overall, and lasted about three days longer. Other women have reported mild to drastic differences in their cycles on here, too.

Melissa's posted previously about how your hormones are in upheaval during this time, and it's nearly impossible to predict how it's going to affect you, esp. if you're on the pill or using the ring. I would imagine that regardless of whether you're using BC, things will be strange for a while, then normalize after a few months of eating clean. =)

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thanks! Guess I'm just impatient :) Last two times I..er..."attempted" Whole30 I was not on anything. And I went so far off the clean eating wagon this summer that perhaps the changes are just that much more drastic this time through. I'll keep pressing through and begging my BF for patience!

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