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Day 17 W30, 10 months postpartum.....


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...... and I FINALLY feel like I'm back to myself! Pregnancy absolutely clobbered me. I was sick as a dog through the first tri, and the only things I could get past my lips and not immediately spew were english muffins and ginger ale. That's all I ate for three months! Ack! Not surprisingly, by the end of my pregnancy, I had gained a colossal 50lbs and was suffering from all kinds of inflammatory ailments, carpal tunnel, etc. After my baby was born in October, I was kinda shocked to see that the weight did not "magically" fall off. I know I can't weight myself until Day 31, but I'm sure I'm back down to my pre-preg weight, which is amazing. But all that aside, I also suffered from incredible, debilitating postpartum depression, from about 3 months pp until about 7 months, when it slowly started improving. This included awful intrusive thoughts, extreme mood swings, debilitating insomnia, and inexplicably crying. BUT! After I finished the sugar detox stage around day 4, I started feelilng awesome. I'm full of energy. Instead of wanting to ram people on the sidewalk who are slow-walking ahead of me, I'm all smiles and saying "hello" to random strangers. I feel fantastic. And I'm just barely halfway through! 

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