Starting day 8, and craving sweets


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Starting day 8 - and it has been great. I have found joy in cooking and prepping, but I am still finding that my old habit of a sweet snack after each meal is still in place. First few days of Whole30, I would eat fruit after each meal... But, I feel like that is something I should avoid since it is technically giving into my sweet tooth - correct?

I eat 3-4 pieces/servings of fruit each day when I eat fruit after each meal. I know that is not too much fruit, but wonder if I should force myself to eat it well before a meal (and not as a "dessert")...



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You should not eat fruit if you have problems with cravings sweets. It keeps the dragon strong. Fruit is convenient and tasty, but you can get all the nutrition you need from veggies, so fruit is entirely optional. Our standard guideline for people who don't have a problem with sugar cravings is 2-3 servings per day.

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