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super slow row introduction!


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I wanted to space out my reintroduction... has anyone had experience doing this?


Here is what I'm considering so far:

Day 31. alcohol

Day 34. lentils

Day 37. beans

Day 40. soy/tofu

Day 43. corn

Day 46. gf grains

Day 49. dairy (sheep/goat)

Day 52. gluten grains


I'm sure I'll get a fair amount of sugar among those days.

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You might want to do a sugar day, purely to see how it effects your mood, food choices etc.

Other than that you can do any order of your choosing. The recommendation is to have two compliant days in between each food group, but you may find you need more time to allow things to get back to your new 'normal' if you do suffer a reaction.

This would be more of the standard protocol than a super slow roll where you would continue to eat Whole30 and only reintroduce non compliant foods as and when the situation arises, which might be a few weeks or even months down the line.

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Thanks so much! i've adjusted my schedule accordingly by adding sugar to day 1 and pushing everything else further out.

Day 31. sugar
Day 34. alcohol
Day 37. lentils
Day 40. beans
Day 43. soy/tofu
Day 46. corn
Day 49. gf grains
Day 52. dairy (sheep/goat)
Day 55. gluten grains
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Hi rose!


I was curious what particular meals are you planning on eating for each group?  I'm trying to put a plan together as well... I haven't started yet lol but after reading yours there's really no need to procrastinate. ;)

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Hi Shawie!

Oh I'm glad you asked because all I have thought about was the sugar day. I'm guessing for the food that we test, it can be anything right? Even something that is SWYPO? Even something Paleo-fied?


So here goes:

Day 31. sugar (going to start with the natural stuff like honey...  maybe some plain egg/banana pancakes with a bit of honey. my body doesn't totally like sweet in the morning so i will probably add something savory on the side like greens and a sausage patty)
Day 34. alcohol (probably wine)
Day 37. lentils (I'm going to try and soak these and make chana dahl)
Day 40. beans (going to soak for at least 24 hrs and cook with kombu, then add to my green salad)
Day 43. soy/tofu (will probably just eat this as a protein on the side)
Day 46. corn (NOT fried chips, but maybe a corn tortilla with eggs in the morning)
Day 49. gf grains (brown rice, buckwheat, gluten-free oats... will probably try a bowl of overnight soaked gluten free oats in the morning)
Day 52. dairy (sheep/goat - a slice of goat cheese and maybe some goat/sheep yogurt)
Day 55. gluten grains (maybe homemade spelt bread)

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You're approach looks a lot like what I'm planning too. And I'm only a day behind you. :D  I'm waiting a little extra time after day 30 though, so I'm avoiding problem timing with my cycle.


Out of curiosity, why only goat/sheep for your dairy re-intro. Do you already know you have an intolerance for cow's milk?

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