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Group of friends and I are starting 9/1/2015! Anyone else?

Jessica Louise

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My husband and I decided to start Whole30 for weight loss purposes, primarily. But I have been having a lot of back pain associated with a compression fracture in one of my vertebrae I was diagnosed with last fall. 


We had a lot of success cutting out grains and sugar last year (I lost 40 lbs and he lost 30). But I want to step it up a notch and see if I can cut down on this inflammation. I am a hypochondriac and am constantly worrying it's cancer, even though my doctor assured me it is not. (I'm 31 and x-rays confirmed the fracture). I so desperately want to get rid of this lingering pain and it greatly reduced when I cut out grains and sugar. 


I then decided to see if any friends wanted to join us, so I posted on FB we were doing this program. So far we have 9 friends who are all really excited to start and we are going to do the 30 days of September. 


I need to lose about 80 pounds (having gained back 23 of the 40 I lost last year). 


It'd be nice to see who else is starting on 9/1! 




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I will join you two in the fun!  I have done 1 whole 30 but I didn't   reintroduce the food back into my life properly.  So I need to see how dairy, tomatoes, and eggplant etc reacts to me. I have a lot of joint pain so I am hoping to eliminate it through the healthy eating.  I think  I need to post a pic-- never2late!

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