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1st Whole30 - Starting Sunday 8/30


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I am super excited to start my first Whole30...I typically have most of Sunday off from my jobs/business so it's a good time to shop/prep. I have previously done a 15 day juice cleanse/reboot (reboot with Joe) so I'm confident in my ability to stick with all of the rules, guidelines. My only area of concern is my bakery/catering business - I am the owner and sole worker. Everything I do is organic, gluten free, no refined sugars or processed ingredients but not all technically Whole30 compliant (honey, maple syrup quinoa, etc) but I will follow the suggestions I found on other threads here about tasting but not swallowing. It's a brand new business and I'm still developing new desserts and such so tasting what I'm doing is kind of a necessity. Regardless, I want to see if Whole30 can help with allergy relief, better sleep and hey if I lose a pound or two that would be great too. I don't have a ton of sugar cravings but more than I probably should so here's to what should be an interesting month :D

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