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Day 26 on W30 and some Mixed Feelings- Congestion, Eczema


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Dear Friends,

Maybe someone can provide some insight to what is happening. Before going into W30, I was mostly eating Paleo so I wasn't expecting a miracle, but was hoping to improve my health overall. While being on the W30, I decided to cut eggs and nightshades as part of autoimmune protocol.

Here is the summary so far;


-Joint pain has improved, which I'm suspecting may be related to nightshades (I hope not since I love them)

Things that got WORSE:

-Eczema (dryness) in my ear has gotten worse. I've never seen it this bad in a VERY VERY long time.

-Congestion in my nose. My nose is really stuffed. This really can't be related due to allergies since I don't experience them at this time. At the beginning i wasn't too concerned, but I'm in my 4th week and congestion feels alot worse (and worst of all is I didn't even get close to dairy).

Anyone has any ideas on what might be going on with the worsening dry skin and the congestion?

Besides this I feel better.


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I've been having problems with congestion over the past few weeks. I've been eating the Whole30 way for a little over 2 years, so assumed it was something in the weather. I've noticed other people on the forum complaining about congestion recently too. I don't have any answers, but I hear you.

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