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Day 31 and I'm still eating like like I'm on the Whole 30 ...because I haven't created a solid plan yet for the reintroduction phase.  I know everyone needs to learn to "ride their bike" on their own and there's no single way to go about the reintroduction stage.  I feel so good right now and like KNOWING when I'm hungry as opposed to just craving something. I think it's incredible that I've learned to look at food as nourishment now instead of a reward.  I do have fantasies of indulging on a donut or ice cream still but it's not something that I have told myself to drop everything and get. :) 


I just want to post my success story because I know reading some of others' motivated me on this program. I haven't touched the scale because that's not what the Whole30 program is about.  You should do this program because you want to learn how your body reacts to food and have more control over your consumption and vital signs overall. I don't plan on ever using my scale again because it's not about that number.  I vow to eat what's GOOD for me, not to let others pressure me into eating anything, and if I indulge it will be because I will savor every bite and morsel and stop once I've been satisfied, not just because there is still half a cake left over or whatever. I'm not a garbage disposal. 

It's nice to look in the mirror and not struggle with getting my clothes on. With an increase in daily exercise I'm sure I can get my body toned up especially if I keep eating right. My pants and shorts are no longer threatening to rip on me which is awesome. I like wearing tank tops again as they are not showing my "rolls" as much anymore! My bras don't feel tight any longer - I feel supported not constricted. I have a set sleeping/waking schedule which is awesome as it feels like I am more productive when I am rested. 


I just want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me during this by commenting on my posts and answering my questions. You guys helped me get through this program.  If you're debating on whether or not you should do this program, I think you should. It's just 30 days.  You WILL feel a difference if you do it right. 



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