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Nicola Grun

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Hi there

This is my first Whole30 although this will be third restart. The main reason I have opted to restart my program is because I feel I have too much of an item ie. dried fruit or nuts, or I could have followed the suggested meal plan better. I found out yesterday that I am out of a job, and after the 24 hours of shock wore off I decided that what better way to feel positive then with a fresh start with Whole30. My goals are to improve my eating habits, not fall into emotional eating behaviors especially now that I have more time on my hands, and generally feel better about myself. I would like to lose some weight, perhaps 10 pounds.

I'm planning to check into the Forum to help stay motivate with the program.


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Best of luck to you :) Sorry about your job! Try to really listen to you body , after the first couple of days I couldn't believe it but I wouldnt get hungry at all between meals. I found that reading the success stories & whole 30 logs have really helped me :) Again good luck YOU can do it!!

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