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my family is not on board with me on this. They are supportive but not interested...yet. I've decided to be a good example of what happens when you eat healthy. Last night on as a last minute decision we went to the local pizza place. We have been going there for a year and I always have the chef salad, not the pizza or pasta because I had been trying to get GF for quite awhile. Well the chef salad is loaded with cheese, bad deli meat full of chemicals so I knew I could not eat that. I scoured the menu for something I could eat and found some type of chicken and onions and peppers. I thought I'd found the answer. It came with a house salad so I knew that was safe with plain oil and vinegar and salt and pepper. Got through that and then the meal came. It was gross and nasty swimming in some kind of oil. The peppers were shriveled up and saturated in oil. I managed to salvage 6 plain chicken bites out of the mess and ate those after the salad. I have to say my daughters lasagna was looking pretty good but I did not cave. The meal also came with pasta which I had told them to hold so that wasn't an issue. Since I had left 90% of my meal on my plate and did not want to hurt my husbands feeling I brought the rest home and buried it in the back of the fridge till Monday's garbage day. I have to say though, it felt good to be in control and so much more aware of how much bad ingredients, etc goes into our foods and have the willpower and awareness to be able to choose not to eat it.i feel like my eyes have been opened I wasn't hungry for anything else either and when I got home I slowly sipped some water to end the night. I gotta say I'm loving whole 30 and feeling so much better

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