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What's your favorite source for finding recipes?


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I started with the book, It Starts with Food, then moved on to Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan. She offers some great tips on the weekly "cook-up" and other shortcuts, as well as some great recipes. In her second book, Well Fed2, you'll find 40 ways to make meatballs. Most of these recipes can be found on her blog "theclothesmakethegirl."


NomNompaleo has a killer app, cookbook, and website with podcasts. Lots of delicious and reasonably easy recipes.


Both these authors have links to cohorts that meet their approval. It snowballs from there. The good ones will specify each recipe's compliance to W30, AIP, etc.


Good luck. The hunting and gathering of recipes can be fun.

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The Clothes Make The Girl and Nom Nom Paleo both have a lot of Whole30 compliant recipes, although both have some that are not, so be sure you read through the recipes first and watch for off plan ingredients. Moderator Tom Denham has a blog that has nothing but Whole30 recipes at Whole Life Eating.


You can also check Chowstalker's Whole30 recipes. Most of these are compliant, but always double check each recipe. Pinterest can be good, but can also be hard to navigate through, since a lot of stuff gets tagged Whole30 that just isn't. Here's the Whole30 official Pinterest account, and I have a Whole30 board linked in my signature -- I haven't made every recipe, but I do make sure they're Whole30 or I note what you'd need to change to make it Whole30.


The official Whole30 Recipes account on Instagram or Facebook are also nice for new ideas -- it's a new blogger every week, so the focus changes often. For instance, one week may be someone focused on the AIP protocol, another week may be a busy mom cooking family favorites, one week it was Ali from Inspiralized doing all recipes that used a spiralizer.

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