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Day 29 -Decided on a Whole45 before ReIntro


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Well it's day 29 and although things are looking pretty darn good my husband and I have decided to proceed with a Whole45 before reintro, cause dang, it's been pretty easy.  I'm still having some issues though and I'm hoping that a few more days will help with that. One of then is that my ezcema is just going  crazy, bonkers instead of clearing like I was hoping it would, and I'm still having low energy days but I am still recovering from a bout of active Ebstein Barr virus. And I just found out that I'm severly Vitamin D defiencent.  Obviously I still have some things to clear up.


That said there have been some major benefits.

  1. * I'm not sure that my clothes are looser yet, but I know i've lost some weight, I just dont know how much. (I rode with my husband yesterday on his daily work run, that involves taking the truck over the scale to weigh the load of logs and lumber he was the one who said I'd lost.)
  2. * My sleep is getting better if the amount of drool is any indication
  3. * I am having more energy, enough so that I'm starting yoga next week
  4. * I'm not needing to have 2-3 hour naps in the middle of the day and if I need a nap I can actually pull off a 20-30 minute nap and feel good after.
  5. * I'm actually able to get up in the mornings and getting up earlier without feeling like I have to go back to bed because I'm so tired.
  6. * My libido is creeping back. I'm assuming that that might mean my hormones are starting to get back into gear all the way around.


I'm sure there are probably more things that I cant see but since what I was hoping to see was my ezema clear up and it hasnt at all, I feel kinda torn but again I'm just starting on this journey and I'm sure we'll get it figured out.


On my husbands side of things, the changes are pretty AMAZING.  This is what he posted on FB the other day:


By Monday I will have lost thirty pounds in thirty days and I'm eating like a horse. I used to need a handful of pain pills and a cane to walk. I haven't used either in a almost a month. A month ago it was fairly common for me to take two five hour energy shots to get through my work day. I've had a grand total of one in the last 27 days. Thanks to my awesome wife, Felica Tortorici for getting me hooked on a better way to eat.


But it's more than that. He's blown out one of his knees, has flat feet with arthritis in the foot joints and is pretty heavy.  He'd fallen off a ladder (On his truck bed to the ground) caught his foot in a rung on the way down and broke his leg at his ankle joint 5 years ago. He ended up with a pretty severe break, surgery(15 days after the incident due to the remoteness of where he was), rods and screws in is leg, six months in a wheelchair, then crutches. The biggest issue has been the inflammation from the injury. It's not ever completely gone down and he's still been having to elevate and ice a couple time a week if its bad. It makes mobility a bit of an issue. Friday after he came home, for the first time since before the accident, he has ZERO swelling. No swelling in either is leg or his knees. This is the first time in 5 years. 


He's sleeping better, he's been able to work standing on his feet  and can actually walk after because the pain and swelling is so much less, and you can tell he's losing weight just by looking at his face. It's pretty amazing.

I'm not sure what other positive benefits he's got going on but I'm sure he has them. Now he's not planing a hiking trip to the Lost Coast yet but he's thinking if this continues he might actually get to do that down the road. He couldnt even consider it with all the swelling and pain he had going on before. 


I asked  if he was ready to go back to his old way of eating and he looked at me like I'd grown two heads. 

So we'll continue for 15 more days then start reintro and start looking into riding our own bikes.

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