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EliMak79's Whole30 Journey


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Day 2 ...

Okay so here I am, Day 2 of being 100% compliant .. as far as I know at least! I feel good, I think. Not tired, except at night. I was able to do a great workout today and not feel drained or hungry. Here is what I ate today

Breakfast - One Sauted Onion in 1 tbsp Ghee with mushrooms and 3oz grilled chicken breast

Workout - 45 min lifting, 10 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes walk/sprint intervals, 15 minutes bike

After W/O snack - 2 hardboiled eggs

Lunch - Broccoli, 3oz Chicken breast, 1/2 cup pistachios, Banana

Snack - Peach

Dinner - 4oz pork chop, 1/2 acorn squash, 1 sweet potato, like 2 or 3 tbsp of Ghee

I dont know if this is good, bad, or perfect or what .. so if anyone experienced enough is reading this, let me know ... Kay? Thanks :)

So, right now ... My only concerns are that I might be eating too much fat, or too many fruits or something .. My mom commented that she thinks I'm eating way more than before when we were weight watchers (i'm still tracking that just because I'm paying for it, but I'm not really following it, this takes precedence right now). I dont think I am ... I hope I'm not at least! I know this is supposed to be about health and getting rid of all the crap that i've put into my body over the last 32 years ... but I gotta admit, I NEED to lose weight and what not better way than going Whole30?

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I am not an expert, but this is day 4 for me. And, your meals look good. I did calorie counting for a year, so I feel your pain when it comes to feeling like you may be overeating but....here is what I have found. I am absolutely eating more, and I am ABSOLUTELY dropping weight. My clothes are much looser....The only thing I see that you could possibly add is a bit more fat for your meals. I usually have nuts with most meals (cashews are my fav) and some kind of fat like olive oil to cook my veggies and protein. Also, make sure you are drinking lots of water....makes a big diff :) Keep up the good work!

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Quinn, I usually always either cook with Olive Oil or cook with and have Ghee. I'm having at least 1tbsp of fat per meal with either ghee or having a serving of nuts or avocado (like I had the other day). Trying to reprogram my mind with the whole Fat is Good mentality :)

Derval, thanks! And I'd love to lose a fair whack of weight :) so I'll try to cut down on the fruit .. hehe

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Day 3 ..

Wow what a day .. My friend that "forced" me into this Whole 30 Challenge, has quit! Can you believe it? They dont want to give up cheese ... do you know how badly *I* want cheese?! lol I gave him a hard time but I know its hard and you really want to do this, well .. to do this. I dont know what it is in my head ... but this has clicked for some reason. Doing Weight Watchers this time I was so okay with having oreos and ice cream and whatever else I wanted as long as it was within my point range. And if I went over ... oh well. I dont really care what this is though, all I care about is that its clicking ... its working ... at least I hope its working! LOL

Anyways, so with the news that he ditched me LOL ... I was at the store and I bought 2 bars of dark chocolate (Organic) ... but I also bought cuc's, olives, chicken and eggs at a salad bar thingy at the organic store and instead of eating the chocolate on the way home ... I ate the salad. When I got home ... I the chocolate in the fridge behind the cheese LOL I'm planning on sticking with this, even if no one else around me does! And when I am at my Day 31 ... I'll enjoy a few squares of Dark Chocolate then hit it hard again ... Either W30 or Paleo :) NO more grains for me ... I cant go back there!

Okay so, my food for today was ...

Breakfast - 1 sauted onion and mushrooms in Ghee, 2 eggs, banana

Lunch - Cucumbers, black olives, 2 hardboiled eggs, a bit of grilled chicken

Snack - banana

Dinner - Paleo meatloaf (about 4 or 5 oz I think), spaghetti squash and greenbeans with butternut squash chunks, Ghee on both veggies.

Does having unsweet iced tea count as water??

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Day 4 ...

Today my mom told me she thought it has felt like way longer than 4 days since I started this LOL I read some info to her from the ISWF book and helped her understand somewhat why there are no grains allowed. Still learning this myself, but it was a good "long" discussion.

So here is my food for today ...

Breakfast - Apple, left over meatloaf, spaghetti squash and 2 TBSP Ghee

Lunch - Applebees plain sirlion steak, plain grilled shrimp and broccoli with no butter ... SO good!

Dinner - Spaghetti squash, green beans with butternut squash, 2 TBSP Ghee and 2 oz pork

Snack - Banana with almond butter

So we were out all day and had no idea where to eat out for lunch, which we HAD to do ... so I opted for Applebees because I knew I could get a steak ... They were very good about not putting cheese etc on the food and just having it cooked plain for me .. Thank God!! Tomorrow morning into the afternoon (8am-2pm) I have a CPR Certification class ... I've packed all W30 compliant foods in a lunch box for me so I wont have to eat out or eat what they have available. :)

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Day 5

I"m sick ... and it sucks! I had an all day CPR training today, so that double sucked being sick. My foods for today were:

Breakfast - apple (or banana, I cant remember) and 2 boiled eggs

Lunch - cucumbers, celery with almond butter, olives, pistachios, 2 boiled eggs, strawberreis (just noticed I had a lot of fat at this meal)

Dinner - italian sausage (organic and I checked the label!), brussels sprouts with ghee, salad with olive oil and vinegar, peach, almonds

And a butt load of unsweet tea and water today .. still thirsty :( I'm going to bed, I am whiped out and hopefully this cold can be gone tomorrow when I wake up!

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Good day my good Whole30'ers.

Today marks day ... well goodness, let me think about it. I'm on Day 8 (wow!) with a miner slip up on Day 6 ... I'm just going to do like a Whole32er instead :) So these last few days have been rough, I have been really sick with a cold and with my slip up on Day 6 (after eating wonderfully all day including at a bday party for my brother in law) I slept horribly! I am reading ISWF so I know all about the hormonal reactions due to the food I am eating and I can tell ya ... my hormones got SCREWED up from that one slip. I learned my lesson and I dont even want that crap anymore!

Day 7 was a relief to feed my body what it needed and I felt better and slept better last night for sure! I cant believe that I am actually feeling better when I eat better! I dont think it ever occured to me that it could be true, that it could really happen. That all those crazy people actually were telling the truth :) lol

So now I am on ... I want to eat this way ... I DESIRE to feel better, look better and have my hormone good day :) Stay tuned for more of my Whole30 ... and like one person's log name ... my WholeLifer :)

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I've been very emotional today and I am fighting SO hard not to eat gummy bears or oreos (that non-Whole30'ers have brought into the house) .... I hate this feeling and just wish things would actually go well for me :( ... Its been a HARD few years and I'm just tired of it all ...

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