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Kara's Success


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I had horrific sugar-withdrawal headaches, battled constipation, and struggled through one particular restaurant meal, during which I very much wanted an ice-cold beer (and a bun on my burger).


But I didn't allow one smidgen of alcohol, sugar, grain, legume, or dairy past my lips in 30 days.


That, to me, is a HUGE success in itself.


Even better, I lost 8.5 pounds.


I know full well Whole30 is not a weight-loss program, but getting leaner was hugely important to me as I embarked on this program. On August 1, I was bloated with vacation weight and feeling really lousy about some sugar-dragon-driven eating habits.


Now, on August 31, I see my waist again. My clothes fit well. I don't crave 3pm jellybeans. I learned I can live without nightly wine and ice cream.


But, perhaps most importantly of all, I realized I do have the willpower to do just about anything I put my mind to. I am stronger when it comes to food and drink than I ever thought I was.


I'm as proud of completing Whole30 as I am of various successes in my professional work life, finishing three (sprint-distance) triathlons, and bringing two beautiful children into the world.


More details regarding my thoughts on Whole30, re-introduction and NSVs in this blog post.


But for now, I'm just going to savor my coffee (with almond milk!) and revel in the fact that I DID IT.

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