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Reactine for allergies


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Hello :)


I'm going to be starting my very first W30 tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited!! I have a quick question about allergy medications... I live in Manitoba, Canada, in the middle of a farmers field, and now is the time that they start bailing hay and everything gets dusty, which affects my allergies - itchy, watery burning eyes, runny nose, and trouble breathing at night. When it gets really bad, I have an inhaler I can use for the breathing issue, but for the eyes and nose, I usually take Reactine.


Now, I've read over the forum posts on here about allergy medications, and I've done a search for Reactine and couldn't find anything on that allergy medication. I did find posts on Zyrtec, although I'm not sure my drugstore carries it, as well as Allegra...

The reason I'm asking about Reactine is I've found it's the only one that actually works for me... So I've found the ingredient lists for both the liquid gels, as well as the Extra Strength tablets, and am just wondering if I can still take them to help with my allergies, even though one has glycerin and the other has lactose. Are the dosages small enough that I don't have to worry?



Reactine Liquid Gels


NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Gelatin, glycerin, lecithin, mannitol, medium chain triglycerides, pharmaceutical ink, polyethylene glycol 400, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan, sorbitol


Reactine Extra Strength Tablets


NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: corn starch, hypromellose, lactose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, povidone, titanium dioxide.



Thanks! :)


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Take the allergy meds if you need them, we do not expect you to suffer.


Edited to add: I would take the one with glycerin before the one with corn starch and lactose.  Glycerin is a sugar product and will not mess up a gut reset like corn/dairy can.

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I take allergy meds for a wheat allergy (even trace amounts from my sons food causes violent reactions) and pain/anti-inflammatory meds for crippling arthritis...both contain lactose ;(

I've been told my Drs orders trump whole30.

I've never seen an anti allergy med without lactose...

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