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Who Else is Starting August 31st 2015? - Day One W30


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Anyone else starting a Whole30 today? Care to work through the next 30 days together with recipes, motivation, inspiration --- and a good kick in the patootie when needed?


Suggestion on types of info to share


M1: Egg muffins (eggs, kale, mushroom, onion); coffee with cashew milk

M2: chicken bone broth soup (carrots, cabbage, kale)

M3: pork chops with sautéed kale in garlic and coleslaw


Emotions: Normal

Sleep: Odd dreams since day 1 can't be related to whole30


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Day 2


Woke just after 4AM and feel great this morning with much energy upon waking. Thinking of getting outside with Dixie (Lab Bullmastiff X) or cleaning floors. 


Here's the meal plan for the day


M1: breakfast egg muffins

M2: Chicken bone broth veggie soup

M3: Meatballs loaded with kale/parsley and a green salad with avocado, tomato, cucumber, nectarine


Kombucha should be ready for second fermentation (first time brewing so it feels a bit touch and go) and bottles should arrive from Amazon tomorrow. Organic turmeric should arrive tomorrow also and looking at working on getting 2 doses daily (Golden milk with coconut milk).

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