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Day 1 - 1 September


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Today is the first day of my first W30. I'm excited and feel totally unprepared! One day at a time, right?


I start the month at 31 years old, 5'6", 260lbs, size 18 in Lucky Jeans, and totally out of whack. I've "been Paleo" off and on for 3 years now. (Way more off than on.) You know that good day vs crappy day scenario in ISWF? That's me to a tee. 


And last month, out of nowhere, I passed a kidney stone. That was a giant wake-up call. Yeah, I'm overweight. Yeah, I'm always tired. Yeah, I see my chiro so often I send them Christmas cards. But that's life, right? Apparently it is very not normal for an "otherwise healthy" 30-something to just up and have kidney stones. 


I have labs scheduled for tomorrow to get a baseline for progress. My intentions started off with weight loss, but it's turned into live long prosper. My grandmother was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at 30 and she died at 65. I don't want to live the last 15 years of a very short life like she did. I want to be running circles around the kids 1/8 my age. 


So there it is. And here I go.



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Thanks, Tom! I'm looking forward to the reset. If I can make it through the 30 (or 45 or 60, if needed) I know I can stick with Paleo. Eating regularly is going to be tough. For most of the past 20 years, have gone a multiple days without eating.

Thanks again for the encouragement!

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