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Day 1, Today!


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Hello World!  I mean, I guess I meant to say, Hello Whole30 World! Nice to electronically meet you all,


I'm starting today (9/2), and hoping to find some accountability friends (I've heard it helps!). I have MS, and am hoping to continue my journey towards optimal health through food. 


I love running, rock climbing, west coast swing dancing, and improv. I eat pretty healthy generally, but definitely have snack attacks at work, and emotional binging on sweets when stressed, so hoping to get away from those psychological issues. 


Here we go!



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Welcome! You might not find someone starting on this exact day but there is a whole group of people that started on September 1st (and a couple who started the last days in August) so feel free to join them, you're all right around the same timing! :)

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