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I don't understand full fat coconut milk


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Hello, Whole 30 friends!

So, quick question -- I don't understand how to use coconut milk on a regular basis. I'm talking about the full fat kind that comes in a can and is more of a solid state than liquid, until you stir it around a bit. I used a can of it in a curry that I made last week, which was a great. But I also see that people incorporate it into their Whole 30 diet pretty frequently.. and I'm just at a loss of how to do that. 


Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone??

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!!

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You can basically use the stirred up coconut milk in anything you would have previously used milk (mashed potatoes, omelets, etc.). You can use just the thick cream from the top of the can ( and leave behind the "water") if you want a thicker cream consistency. Adding vinegar to the coconut milk will give you something close to buttermilk that you can use in dressings like ranch or coleslaw dressing. Adding vinegar to the thicker cream will give you something like sour cream. I use coconut milk mostly for curries, creamy puréed soups, creamy dressings and dips for raw veggies ( like sunshine sauce).

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I'm in a similar boat, but my problem is less about how to use it and more about how to store it. For example, if you don't use a whole can, what do you do with it after? I know that if it's refreigerated the fat will seperate from the water, which is great for certain things, but not for others.

Anyone have any suggestions on this?

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I have one of these blender bottles from a past dieting thing I did -- it's great for storing coconut milk, and the blender ball makes it easy to reblend when it separates. I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought one just for this, a jar would work just as well, but it is pretty handy, if you have one around. 

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I take my AroyD out of the can and put it in a mason jar.  Days 1-3 are fine, day 4 is getting iffy.  


I totally eat meat cereal :)  I basically think of most foods as carriers for coconut milk.  Kabocha squash is my favorite.  AroyD used to *always* be solid when kept in the fridge, not anymore but I would basically plan meals about the best way to get big chunks of hardened coconut milk onto my plate :)


Its gonna get weird:


on my sausage, egg, veggie breakfast casserole




On kabocha squash




Like a normal person on strawberries




On Moroccan spiced chicken and veggies




My go to side dish is always creamed spinach - I saute an onion, add in a bag of thawed and slightly drained frozen spinach, add nutmeg and coconut milk.


It is also perfect frothed in coffee with say, some pumpkin pie spice added :)

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