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Christy's Whole30 Log


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black coffee

2 hard boiled eggs


Salad with 1 egg, 4oz. turkey*, cucumber, ranch*, baby peppers, baby carrots


Pulled pork with barbecue sauce* & onions, salad 


88 ounces


Feeling: headache all day (sugar detox, we've been here before), not hungry, woke up hungry the next morning though. Still pissed that the ice maker in the fridge isn't working. Happy that hubby cleaned up from dinner. 

Food: boiled about 2.5 dozen eggs this morning, slightly undercooked - needed to boil a bit longer. Probably because of the number of eggs. The pulled pork was smoked on the Traeger then cooked in the Crockpot all day. Yum!

Mods for the family: Miranda's lunch was same salad, added blackberries and a cut up apple. 

Tomorrow: drink more water, smoke chicken for lunches, take ibuprofen in the morning because the headache will be worse








Organic, compliant turkey purchased at Costco ingredients: turkey, water, sea salt

Ranch made per the recipe in the Whole30 book

Barbecue sauce: 1 can tomato sauce, fresh minced garlic, dried onion, chili powder, red pepper flakes, and because i had nothing else in the house, I added 1 of these and simmered for about an hour

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That headache might be from not eating enough. It looks to me as if you did not eat enough at any meal. At breakfast you needed more protein and veggies. At lunch you were still light on protein. I can't tell about protein at dinner. You ate salad at two meals. Most people can't eat enough salad to get enough food because you would need to eat a bucket load of salad to get meaningful nourishment. Salad chews down to mostly green juice, so it is not at all filling. Study the meal planning template and look to adding some starchy veggies into your day. 


How much to eat
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Thanks, Tom! I did another shopping trip last night, so there are MORE healthy foods to eat. This will help with making bigger meals. When I said "salad" I was probably understating - my salad at dinner was similar to the one at lunch with cucumbers, peppers, radishes, boiled egg, etc. One challenge is that I hate HATE eggs - I'm choking them down, and you have to giggle because I have chickens. I love my chickens, and they make the most beautiful, organic eggs that are special because I know exactly what my girls are eating (except bugs).


Day 2

M1 - banana, 2 boiled eggs w/ salt, black coffee

M2 - Big plate of veggies & protein with BEETS 

M3 - grilled chicken, steamed cauliflower with ghee + spices, fresh raspberries


Feeling: still a raging headache all day - ended up with ibuprofen mid-day and tylenol with codeine at bedtime so I could sleep - didn't help much. DD and I are both cranky, but again we've done this before and know what to expect. My busy schedule this week is helping keep my mind off food. We fit in a trip to the store to get things she can keep with her, as she has to eat lunch at 10:40 AM - by the time she got home yesterday she was famished and wanted to eat everything unhealthy. We picked up some larabars to keep in her purse for mid-afternoon, if needed. And, some olives, pickles, things to bulk up her lunches. She's loving the fresh pears we got at Costco.

Food: The Traeger is officially toast. Need to take it back to Costco. That is a bummer because smoking things is my answer to cooking. The chicken was fine grilled, just not as exciting. I'm waiting for the avocados to get ripe. I'm dreaming of guacamole with those sweet little peppers, and chicken tortilla soup.

Mods for the family: Miranda's lunch was tuna salad with romaine leaves, blackberries, a banana. She ate it all today. 

Today: Cook sauce for spaghetti squash w/ homemade italian sauce. That's for Friday night. 


D2M2 lunch #whole30

A photo posted by Christy Parrish (@parrishpdx) on

Sep 3, 2015 at 6:44am PDT



Boiled eggs from my beautiful hens #whole30A photo posted by Christy Parrish (@parrishpdx) on

Sep 3, 2015 at 6:45am PDT
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Day 3


M1 - banana with 2T cashew butter & coconut, black coffee

M2 - leftover pulled pork & bbq sauce, cauliflower, baby carrots & olives

M3 - homemade chicken vegetable soup (chicken, carrots, celery, onions, butternut squash, baby potatoes)

M4 - pear (was really hungry when I got home from evening activities)


Feeling: headache subsided in the early afternoon (after a power nap) but came back around 8. I'm sleeping much better, no more unisom this week. 

Food: roasted the chicken, then made stock, then put together the soup during breaks in work. Also made my "Sunday Sauce" which has my pureed vegetables, tomatoes, ground beef cooked ALL DAY. This will be served over spaghetti squash before Friday's football game. The pears are great. I felt guilty about breakfast because it tasted like cheating, but I just could not choke down another egg. 

Mods for the family: Miranda really wanted the soup, so I made it. She didn't eat much. Her lunch was good though - salad with leftover grilled chicken, raspberries, olives & pickles. A banana. She's doing great.

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M1 - pear, celery, prosciutto

M2 - leftover chicken soup (yum)

M3 - Zoodles with sunday spaghetti sauce


Feeling: raging headache again HOWEVER, I think it's not food-related. So, that's good. Let's see if it subsides. 

Food: chicken soup = better the 2nd day. Clint ate the zoodles and went back for more. That's a major win. Maybe can get away with this?

Mods for the family: Miranda is mega-grouchy today. It might finally be hitting her, not sure. 


Day 5

M1 - 2 hard boiled eggs, coffee

M2 - subway chopped salad with chicken, all the veggies, oil & vinegar

M3 - pork chops, fried apples, broccoli (cashews & dried apples before dinner snack)


Day 6

M1 (brunch) - breakfast sausage, eggs with mushrooms, peppers & shallots, black coffee

M2 - zoodles with Sunday spaghetti sauce, carrots, dried fruit


Day 7

M1 (brunch) - leftover pork chop, broccoli with ghee, dried bananas

M2 - Labor Day picnic (ugh) - report back.


Feeling: headache is still with me, still think its hormones. Headed to a labor day bbq, made protein and W30 potato salad for it

Food: Made a CRITICAL error last night. Grabbed the wrong bottle of EVOO for making mayo, and killed $10 on a mayo that tasted like truck tires. It was ridiculously bad. Righted the ship this morning, only to make dressing for my W30 potato salad, try to take a shortcut and use garlic puree and dill puree. didn't read those labels, they have lactose, dextrose, fructose, and I am SO ANGRY about that. 

Mods for the family: Miranda fell off last night and chose to have some pasta that I fixed for the 2 men in the household. She'll still lose weight which is her goal, but that made me sad. 


Tom, if you read this I had a few bites of potato salad that had the dextrose, fructose & lactose purees in them. Do I start over tomorrow??

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Let's finish out Labor Day:


Day 7

M2 - Smoked & grilled chicken, smoked tri-tip roast, broccoli, W30 potato salad (except the damn purees - still not sure about that), and a lovely dessert made just for me by my friend Ann - pureed bananas with cinnamon and coconut milk, topped by fresh strawberries. I love my friends - their support is incredible!


Feeling: headache is gone, and the biggest new "thing" is that I'm sleeping like crazy, in fact all I want to do is sleep. And I'm having intensely strange dreams. LOTS of dreams about all kinds of things, not food, just everything else. A couple times in the last day, right after eating I had a really strong pain in my stomach. It happened when I tasted the dressing for the potato salad, and then again after I ate the picnic dinner. I wonder if it's the lactose in that damn puree. It cannot be much at all, but it's there. Interesting. Weekends are going to be the hardest - I really REALLY wanted a glass of wine about 100 times this weekend. I keep telling myself it's temporary and I can have that in the future. I also wanted to get on the scale SO BAD, but I didn't.


Food: We made a bunch of mayo yesterday, and the really delicious potato salad with dill pickles, eggs and a dressing made from homemade mayo (1/2 avocado & 1/2 elevoo), garlic paste, pureed dill, white wine vinegar, paprika, pepper. YUM. This morning I used that mayo to make the ranch from the W30 as well. Dinner yesterday was good - I was able to look at the taco dip, cheesy cauliflower casserole, etc. and move on to a big pile of broccoli. 


Mods for the family: Miranda had a few bites of the cauliflower casserole, so she's still not on plan but she needs to make her own choices. I'm going to continue to provide her lunch. Today was romaine, sliced roma tomato, chicken and tri-tip, sliced cucumber, grapes and ranch dressing.

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Day 8


M1 - banana, black coffee

M2 - spaghetti squash, Sunday spaghetti sauce, dried banana

M3 - egg roll in a bowl


Feeling: I had the munchies today - not really sure why. I wanted to snack and fought the good fight. Just had a couple handfuls of dried fruit. 

Food: I just love spaghetti squash. I really wish my family did.

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Wow - just looked back on this with awe and lots of emotion. Day 9 is missing, and all the subsequent days. My husband had a stroke on Day 9, and all heck broke loose. I failed to stay on the plan after trying to eat well for 2 days full-time in the hospital. I abandoned it on day 11, and ate my pain by way of sugar cookies through the rest of the 17-day hospital stay.


So, now I've started over. I actually began this Whole30 on Friday, January 8th. I'm now on Day 4. Here's a recap of the highlights so far:


D1M3 - Chicken & green bean stir fry with mushrooms. The sauce was: coconut aminos, fish sauce, the juice of 5 mandarin oranges, powdered ginger. It was delicious and everyone liked it. 

Walked around the block


D2M1 - Leftover stir fry

D2M3 - Pot roast made in the Instant Pot with potatoes, carrots and pearl onions

Walked around the block

Massive headache - did NOT feel well this day


D3M1 - breakfast at Biscuit's Cafe - corned beef hash with potatoes & hash browns (missing some veg for sure)

D3M3 - Kalua Pork over cauliflower rice made with ghee, chicken stock, garlic, salt & pepper 

Walked around the neighborhood

Still have a headache, but felt less fluey


D4M1 - leftover Kalua Pork with cauli-rice

D4M2 - Salad with Andouille sausage

D4M2 - Brisket with carrots, roasted sweet potatoes

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