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Flooding with Emotions


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Hey ladies!!


This is my second round of Whole30, my first being over a year ago and I am on day 10 (I haven't really been counting... since I already completed one I'm mostly just re-vamping my eating all together). 


I am about 10 days out from my period (my PMS isn't all that dramatic, ever) and I can feel odd emotions welling up in me.  I simultaneously want to laugh and cry and sleep and run.  I'm not sure if I can chalk it up to removing sugar and therefore my dependance on the emotional sedation it can bring or what.


It almost feels like my body wants to express years of gathered feelings. My heart and mind are happy, I just feel a need to express everything in every weird way. 


Anyone else experience anything like this?





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I'm not sure it's exactly the same, but during my first Whole30 I found myself weepy and just really emotional about everything for a while. I know I'm an emotional eater, so I chalked it up to not being able to just eat to cope with whatever feelings were coming up -- I have no particular scientific basis for that, it just made sense to me, and helped me just keep going, figuring it was just something I needed to get through.

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That's exactly how I feel!  I just want to cry about everything.  I was watching Ed Sheeran's "Photograph" music video on youtube of him as a little boy and I had to hide the screen because the sight of him as a little precious kid made me want to ball.


If I were sexually active right now I'd be concerned that I'm pregnant...

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