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a WHOLE year and a wonderful year it was

Tina Marie

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I can't believe it has been a WHOLE year !  I did my first 30 last September.  It was wonderful to feel so good !


I have done 2 other w30's .. the 2nd was the hardest, and the 3rd a breeze !     I continue to eat primarily w30... with "it was worth it" foods thrown in there every now and then.


I have lost 35 lbs, many many inches.   Most importantly I lost swelling, soreness, inflammation !!  my feet don't hurt unless I eat what I should not.   I have not had 1 single pain killer in 1 year !!


Reintro's were very interesting - yogurt doesn't affect my stomach - but caused all my joints to be on fire... cheese = gurgly stomach.  Goat's milk cheese = was fine.  Rice is a no go- made my stomach way to gurgly.   I didn't bother with beans, pasta, bread, peanut butter, don't miss them and don't even care to eat them ever again.


I am so thankful that I stumbled onto Whole 30 - it has made me a whole new person.


and I am thankful for those friends who doubted that I could do it -  Showed you - didn't I   ! :lol:  ;)

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