I'm a Hashi-Veg Joining Day 1!!!!


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I am sitting here on my couch wondering what to have for breakfast!!!??!  I have been a vegetarian for over a decade, but now -- today -- want to return to meat because I really believe it is better for my health. Because of the "special" instructions for people with Autoimmune conditions I am further restricted and can't include "nuts and seeds" or "eggs".  I have my own chickens produce good-Kharmas eggs for me and enjoy them, no more!  You see before I didn't care if it was optimal for my health or not because I cared about the animals life but then I got debilitating vertigo and sore joints, my doctor scoffs at me, but I think it is related to my diagnosis of Hashimoto's (an Autoimmune disorder).  She did nothing but prescribe medication for my vertigo and PT for my sore joints and weak muscles.  Just throw drugs at my symptoms.  She also wanted to give me an anti-depressant (although I have been going to her for years, she doesn't know me at all!).  I had to convince her, "But I'm HAPPY -- I just have these weird unexplained symptoms and that is troubling to me" She said, "Well, I just have your word on that" -- Ugh.


But now I found the Whole30 and I am super optimistic that it can change my life.  here is a list of what I'm hoping it can help with:





sore joints

weak muscles

bonus ailments:  sugar addiction (I can not walk past bubble tea and not get it!) and I have a little spare tire it would be nice to get rid of.


I need to get my mind around Meal 1 and re-think it.  I also need to welcome Animal protein in my life.


I know many people have it much worse than I do, but please send your positive healing thoughts my way!



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Adopting a Whole30-style approach to eating will support a big improvement in your health and lead to much improvement with sore joints and your "bonus ailments." However, food is not likely to make a difference to vertigo and balance. And food is not likely to make a difference to dizziness unless you are dehydrated or undernourished.


I do have recommendations for working on vertigo, balance, and dizziness. This comes not from my Whole30 experience, but from one of my other areas of study. My recommendations include rocking, rolling, crawling, head nods, and diaphragmatic breathing. I trained with the folks at Original Strength - http://originalstrength.net/. Taking a class is ideal, but you can get the hang of the five basic "resets" by reading Original Strength Restoration: Returning to the Original You. 

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Thank you both for your supportive comments! I would love to join the group that started Sept. 1st.  Which is closer to when I first began, but I keep "messing up"  for example, yesterday I discovered the rice vinegar I had been putting on my salad has sugar in it!  So I figured I needed the extra time to work out the kinks, but I have been very good (I got 9 of the cats out of my house and I'm just working on the final one!).  But the biggest thing so far has been incorporating meat (after over 10 years!) and being mindful when I eat and eating just three meals a day.


Thank you for the "Original Strength" link.  I am thinking that my vertigo/balance/dizziness is a symptom of Hashimoto's. I think it is getting better just with the changes I have made already (or who knows why???).  Okay!  I'm off to look up the link.


Thank you both again -- I truly appreciate your support!



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