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teas. herbal and otherwise.

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i am starting my whole30 tomorrow and have done as much prep work as i can before simply diving in and figuring it out :) i went through and cleaned out all of cupboards yesterday and came across a plethora of teas.

many of them have ingredients i am unsure of. just want to make sure that they are okay before consuming.


natural mango flavor and sunflowers

bergamot essence

licorice root

vanilla extract

vanilla beans

help! just not sure what teas are ok and what to steer clear of.

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Try to look up the ingredients on the brand you've got. There are a number of brands that add weird things to their teas. As delicious as Teavana teas are, many of them have candied fruit pieces in them, a couple have popcorn in them...etc.

For the brands you can't confirm ingredients, just save those until the end of your whole30.

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