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Day 4, feeling tired and nauseous


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Hi everyone,


It's day 4 and I feel awful. Maybe it was the kumbucha i've been drinking, maybe I'm not getting enough protein...but my life-force dwindling. 


My gut feels like it's undergoing severe changes, my mood is bitch on wheels, i am so sleepy and really do want to KILL ALL THINGS.


my meal plans have been good so far:



Steak Salad (prepare chicken)


Coconut cream and indian spiced Chicken drumsticks with broc and sweet potatoes


Stir fry pork and veggies with cauliflower rice (brine wings)


roasted chicken wings with potatoes cooked in chicken juices and tomato onion cucumber salad.


Those are dinner, for lunches i eat those leftovers. I think where I am screwing up is breakfast. I have an iced black coffee, fruit (I know...awful), and maybe one of those RX whole 30 approved bars. I really don't have time to make eggs and sugar free bacon every morning.


Do you think I feel so awful because my gut is trying to heal? I get sharp pangs every half hour. I'm definitely not hungry, and in fact, nauseated. Help!

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I"m not sure about your sharp pains but sleepy killing bitch on wheels is probably because you aren't eating enough.

An iced coffee and an RX bar (some of the time) does not a breakfast make.  You definitely don't need to make eggs and sugar free bacon every morning... Lots and lots of people don't eat eggs for breakfast.

You can eat anything for meal 1 that you would eat for meal 2 and 3... maybe try using your leftovers for breakfast and making a different lunch?  Fruit with (note that it's with, not soley for) breakfast is not awful... in fact there's nothing awful about fruit when eaten with meals in moderation.

Also, chicken wings aren't a lot of meat (delicious as they may be).  You'd need to eat a LOT of them to make 1-2 palms of protein, so your Friday lunch seems like it was lacking.  Nutrition is cumulative, so my suggestion would be to follow the meal template (linked in my signature below) and try making your next few days of meals (all of them!) mirror the recommendations.  My suspicion would be that you'll feel much better! 

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Eat more. You have to find time for breakfast! I was feeling like a$$ too around this point until someone pointed out that my breakfast was way too small. Get up a bit earlier. Make some breakfast. It doesn't have to be eggs and bacon every morning! One of my faves is to make muffin cup breakies I can freeze - turkey meatloaf bottoms, omelette tops with veg, etc. Or just eat leftovers from dinner! I have had curry for breakfast on multiple occasions now. It's only weird if you think about it too much. 

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