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cherry powder


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I found this...

Powder Flavourings are spray dried versions of intense liquid flavours.

They are literally flavour drops in powder form and are used to enhance flavours where liquids may compromise the recipe.

and this:

Meat processors have the option of using ingredients such as sea salt, starter cultures, sodium lactate (from corn), lemon juice, and buffered equivalents and cherry powder to provide functionalities, when certain additives are shied away from in efforts to provide ingredients perceived to be more natural than their alternatives.

I imagine it's a 'natural flavor'...It sounds to me from just the couple studies I just read that it's used as a natural substitute for adding nitrites to meat to cure them, just like celery powder is... and since celery powder is allowed and cherry powder is being used for the same purpose, it stands to reason that it's allowed...

Also, if it was a 'sneaky sugar', I think your carb count on the nutrition panel would be a heck of a lot more than 1g per link...

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Hello!! This is my first time posting, thank you to everyone for making the forum such a great resource, it truly is helpful and a great community. I was doing some shopping at Natural Grocer's the other day and found grass-fed beef frankfurters from Teton Waters Ranch with cherry powder listed as an ingredient and all other ingredients were compliant. I'm wondering if this is a SWYPO situation depending on what purpose the cherry powder serves in the product or if it's non-compliant all around?

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