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This reply is a little late now, but I love using fancy pants foods to help me through difficult temptations. I did something like that this weekend. Saturday night I had a farewell party for a cousin who is moving away. The party started at 4pm and I knew I'd only be there 2-3 hrs. I also knew that the drinks would be soda and alcohol and the food would be nothing but junk. My plan was seltzer water with lemon/

Lime at the party. I ate a late lunch so I wouldn't be hungry. And...I splurged at the market and bought a gorgeous bison ribeye steak to cook after the party for dinner. Thank goodness I had a plan, because the food was pizza, some sort of calzone, fried chicken wings, 3 kinds of pasta salads and brownies, cookies, and tootsie pops. There was not a salad or piece of fruit in sight, and this was a semi catered kind of thing, not a pot luck. Having that ribeye waiting at home helped me out, and I'm proud to say I stuck to my fizzy water and lime. When I have a pot luck I love bringing something fancy and special, but compliant. It helps make that compliant food much more appealing than the non compliant foods.

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