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I contacted Jimmy Johns because we get it at work alot. There are two meats that meet the Whole 30 critera Salami and Capicola. For reference here is what they provided for me on all their meats:


Thanks for eating at Jimmy John's, we love our customers!  I am writing you back in response to your earlier e-mail.


You ask if our meats are soy free:

Bacon - It is not soy free.

Beef - It is soy free.

Ham - It is soy free.

Capicola - It is soy free.

Salami - It is soy free.

Turkey - It is soy free.


You ask if our meats are free items:

Our bacon is dairy free.

Our beef is dairy free.

Our Capicola is dairy free.

Our ham is dairy free.

Our salami is dairy free.

Our turkey is dairy free.


You ask if our meats are corn free:

Bacon – It is corn free.

Beef – It is not corn free.

Capicola – It is corn free.

Salami – It is corn free.

Ham – It is corn free.

Turkey – It is corn free.


You ask if our meats are sugar-free:

Bacon - It is not sugar free.

Beef - It is not sugar free.

Ham - It is not sugar free.

Capicola - It is sugar free.

Salami - It is sugar free.

Turkey - It is not sugar free.


You ask if our meats are carrageenan free

Meats – They are carrageenan free.


You ask if  any of our meats are MSG free: 

Bacon - There is no MSG

Beef - There is no MSG

Ham - There is no MSG

Capicola -There is no MSG

Salami - There is no MSG

Turkey - There is no MSG


You ask if  any of our meats are Sulfite free: 

Bacon – It is sulfite free.

Beef – It is not sulfite free.

Ham - It is sulfite free.

Capicola - It is sulfite free.

Salami - It is sulfite free.

Turkey - It is sulfite free.


I hope that this answer is helpful.  We appreciate your business.


Jimmy John's

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All of that should be listed in the post. I took the infomation from the additives cheet sheat and they responded to about each additive and meat individually. The exact response is what I posted.

I think the concern about sweetners is a lot (A LOT) of companies don't think 'maple syrup' or other sweetners are 'sugar'.  So the meat may be 'sugar' free but it may not be 'sweetener' free.  And none of the ingredients listed indicate whether it's grain/gluten free... So it's still not certain from this list whether those two meats are meeting the Whole30 criteria.  (no grains, soy, sweeteners, dairy, beans/legumes, alcohol)


Just to be clear to others who may come by this thread, you have to ask every time at every restaurant. Even if these items turned out to be Whole30 compliant, it may be true of one region, but not true of another, or may be true today but change in a month.  

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